Black Lives: Past, Present and Future: a new Laudable podcast

Black Lives: Past, Present and Future launches this monthBlack Lives: Past, Present and Future launches this month
Black Lives: Past, Present and Future launches this month

Laudable launches a new podcast at the start of Black History Month that looks at black lives in the past, present and the future.

Listen to episode one:

October 1st marks the beginning of Black History Month. The idea was born at Kent State University in the US in 1969 and the first celebration took place in 1970. The UK adopted the month in 1987 through the leadership of Ghanaian analyst Akyaaba Addao-Sebo.

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Here at Laudable, we are marking the importance of Black History Month by looking forwards, as well as looking back with the launch of our new podcast: ‘Black Lives: Past, Present and Future.’

You will be hearing interesting and thought-provoking voices that describe black lives and experience across the UK. This October campaigners, educators and public figures will share what this month means to them.

Listen to the trailer:

Lynda Moyo, Head of What's On & Emerging Content, Reach Plc regionals collaborated with ethnic and diversity groups to develop the idea:

"There are lots of different opinions about Black History Month. It was born out of a need to acknowledge and educate on Britain's forgotten and ignored past, but equally it isn't right to confine the celebration of Black history to just one month.

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"With this new podcast, we were keen to explore the black community's feelings about the month but also look at what it means to be Black British today and hopes for the future. Ultimately we hope this gives black people a great platform to have their voices heard and I hope it's just the start of wider discussions to follow beyond October."

Black Lives: Past, Present and Future is a Laudable production.

How to subscribe

The podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms, including Spotify. For exclusive, immersive content, you can download the Entale app on iOS or Android.

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