Internet stardom for the cheeky dog who plays dead

A cheeky dog which tries to prolong its daily walk by playing dead on the pavement every time she nearly reaches home has become an internet star.
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Hilarious footage shows miniature English Bull terrier Fidget "‘faking her own death" by throwing herself to the ground and refusing to move.

Owner Sharon Harland, 35, says her two-year-old pooch always pulls her dramatics whenever it is time to go home from walkies.

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Concerned members of the public even regularly stop to check on the wellbeing off the stubborn mutt after seeing Fidget sprawled out motionless on the street.

English Bull terrier Fidget "‘faking her own death"English Bull terrier Fidget "‘faking her own death"
English Bull terrier Fidget "‘faking her own death"

Sharon was even forced to take to social media to reassure residents that her dog was not unwell or injured after so many people offered to take Fidget to the vets.

Her post proved so popular that she has now set up Fidget her own dedicated page, which has gained hundreds of followers in just a week.

Sharon, a dog groomer, of Hinckley, Leics., said: "On the way back from walking my little boy into school in the morning, it comes to a point when she knows it’s home time.

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“She refuses to move when she’s only three minutes away from home. She will just lay down, put the brakes on, sit down and refuses to move.

“If you pull her on the lead she lies flat or wriggles. She wriggles like a worm and twists round so I can’t pick her up.

“She does it for a few minutes at a time. It’s quite typical of her breed - they are very stubborn.

“She finds it hilarious but after a while she gets bored with her nonsense and stands up.

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“I tried giving her treats when she gets up, but now she’ll lay down in the middle of a walk to get one, so I’ve had to stop that trick.

“She’s really clever. They’re an intelligent breed but it can drive you mad when all you want to do is get home.

“I’ve had a few people stop thinking she is hurt. Two or three cars over the year have slowed down when they see her lying down to check she is alright.

“Three weeks ago a man stopped and asked if she was OK and if we needed a lift to the vet."

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Sharon and partner Tor Stovold, 36, a mechanic, got Fidget when she was eight weeks old and she first started her cheeky antics about a year ago.

Mum-of-one Sharon added: “She also does it in the fields when she knows it’s time to go home.

“She’ll run to the middle of the field with her ball, lie down and refuse to move.

“We called her fidget because she doesn’t stop - apart from when she's trying to fake her own death of course.

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“She’s naughty and will run round at home after swallowing a sock. When our internet went down we realised she had chewed through the internet cable.

“I put a post on a local Facebook page to reassure people that she didn’t need to go to the vet.

“I can’t believe one little post has caused so much drama. We’ve been checking the comments and people think she is great.

“We went on for a year thinking it was normal, but apparently not.

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“We set up her own page due to popular demand. I’m really happy she cheers people up. She has fans who say she makes their day.”

Sharon's original post on the Spotted Hinckley Facebook group has received 1,700 likes and 198 comments since September 17.

Alongside a picture of Fidget lying on her back, she wrote: “If you see my dog sprawled out at the side of the road, looking like a RTA victim, she is absolutely fine.

“She just doesn't want to go home.

“I do appreciate the concern from the public, but we do not need a lift to the vets. She just thinks she's hilarious.”

Kayla Neville posted: “This has made my day.”

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Kate Bellman added: “She’s utterly gorgeous! And I can totally relate!”

Patricia Winter wrote: “Proper belly laughed at that, as a furbaby owner too I do love their character!”

Kelly Jade Hyde put: “Love her what a character.”

Lesley Pinnock said: “She says ‘Nooooooo, me likes it here’”.