Impressive £1.25m Lancashire farmhouse with snug on-site cottage included

Greengore Farm.Greengore Farm.
Greengore Farm.
Two-for-one and Black Friday are quickly becoming as natural a pair as strawberries and cream, apple pie and custard, and Arsenal and fourth. We all love a BOGOF deal, and when it comes to a certain ultra-modern Lancastrian mansion, the deal looks even better... until you realise 'for-one' still means £1.25m.

Encompassing both a sleek detached five-bedroom mansion, which dates its history back to the 16th century, and a snug two-bedroom cottage, Greengore Farm is the ultimate two-for-one deal, if you happen to have £1.25m to spend on a swish Lancastrian dream house in Clitheroe, that is.

However, £1.25m is a lot of money, even for a two-for-one deal. When Italian football club Napoli broke the then-world record transfer fee by forking out the modern-day equivalent of £1.37m for Swedish striker, Hasse Jeppson, in 1952, fans resorted to calling the prolific attacker 'The Bank of Naples', so associated with wealth was he.

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Luckily, the Greengore Farm deal has been sweetened, with planning permission to convert the 19th century barn into a four-bedroom farmhouse thrown into the mix for any potential buyer as well. Three-for-one. Bargain.

A Grade II-listed equestrian property, the property is nestled - or as nestled as a three-property piece of real estate with accompanying 15.4 acres can be - on the outskirts of Hurst Green alongside the west boundary of Old Deer Park at Stonyhurst. Bucolic and rustic, it started life as a private shooting lodge for the Shireburn Family before returning triumphantly to the hands of the proletariat and becoming a working farm.

The main farmhouse is a throwback sight to behold, with period features coming out of its everywheres. Large buttresses scale the ancient external walls, stone mullion windows make for countless settings for wistful looks out onto the moors, and a grand stone fireplace complete with cast iron bread oven guaranteed to make the whole place smell of baking dough, and who doesn't love that?

Happily marrying the old with the new, modern features in the living rooms and the kitchen are paired with the existing dark wood of the home's thick beams, creating what I assume is some kind of 21st century architect's dream. Polished, slick, and wonderfully idiosyncratic, the home is at the very least like nothing else.

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In the cottage, the building's original trusses as well as the wattle and daub walls stand out, while the wide open spaces and the pinnacle of fancy person living - the mezzanine - add a splash of contemporaneous joie de vivre to proceedings. When you get tired of sleeping in the five-bedroom big house and fancy a stay in your private cottage, you want to feel special after all.

With more fields and outbuildings than you'll know what to do with, Greengore Farm has everything from garages and workshops to potential holiday lets. If you start a B&B, you might even have a £1.25m footballer come stay.