10 good reasons why Wigan is one happy place to be

Happiness. In his hit song Happy, Pharrell Williams famously, if a little bizarrely, compared it to feeling like 'a room without a roof.'
Photo: David Hurst
Spring colours in Mesnes Park, Wigan.Photo: David Hurst
Spring colours in Mesnes Park, Wigan.
Photo: David Hurst Spring colours in Mesnes Park, Wigan.

And while others have tried, some more successfully than others, to define the elusive feeling of elation that occasionally breaks the otherwise monotonous drudgery that is everyday life, we now have a whole 24 hours devoted to celebrating the feeling of happiness.

Yes, today is the International Day of Happiness (no smirking at the back, please), a UN-backed event that was launched four years ago and designed to create more happiness in the world. And here in Wigan we have more reasons than most to be happy!

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The UN set up the day to establish a set of principles “for addressing the complex, interrelated challenges faced by humankind in the ultimate quest to achieve happiness”.

Indeed, then UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: “Happiness is neither a frivolity nor a luxury. It is a deep-seated yearning shared by all members of the human family.”

Mr Ki-moon may not have spent much time down King Street at 3am on Saturday but we reckon he might be on to something.

Wiganers have DO have plenty to smile about.

So here’s our top reasons to be happy living in Wigan...

Wigan Warriors:

Grand Final winners and looking dead-eyed early season favourites, steamrolling their way over the opposition.

Wigan Athletic:

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Yes, there aren’t many smiles around the DW at the minute but if you ever need cheering up just simply summon up the memory of 2013 and FA Cup glory.

Mesnes Park:

A Victoria jewel of a park “nestled in the town centre”, according to the council’s website.

Orwell’s legacy:

Some think his Road to Wigan Pier has cast a gloomy, industrial shadow over the town but it has made the name globally recognisable.


The best in the North West, no doubt, and we challenge anyone who says other wise to a pie-off. At Pie Noon.

St Helens:

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Is it just us that’s still sniggering behind our hands at Saints having to rename their stadium The Totally Wicked Stadium. No, thought not.

Run Wigan Festival:

There might be a few sore limbs across the borough this morning but every step was well worth. Roll on the Wigan 10k in September.

Sir Ian McKellen:

One of the Britain’s greatest living thespians may have been in nearby Burnley but the Hollywood superstar is a Wiganer through and through.

Wigan Youth Zone:

An innovative/old school solution to the problem of keeping youngsters busy. Now being replicated across the country.

Wigan Post:

Okay, shameless self-promotion time. The voice of Wigan.