Baby's swift birth in a bathroom!

A couple looking forward to the arrival of their son had a surprise when he was born on the bathroom floor.

Mel and Kev Whalley were planning to drive from their home in Pemberton to Wigan Infirmary for the delivery.

But baby Regan arrived so quickly on Monday morning that they did not have time.

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Mel, 33, who was in labour for seven hours with her older son, said: “I wasn’t expecting it to be two hours done and dusted.”

She had mild contractions when she woke up at 5am, but thought she had plenty of time before the baby came.

Kev’s parents arrived at around 6.30am to look after their four-year-old son Austin and they got ready to go to the hospital.

But the contractions quickly became more painful and Mel knew her son was coming.

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Mel, who works as a pharmacy technician at Atherleigh Park in Leigh, said: “I went to the toilet before we set off and I could feel the head was coming. I got on the bathroom floor.

“My husband told me to get in the car and said it would be 10 minutes but I said we didn’t have time.”

They called 999 and Kev, 37, helped to deliver his new son, who was born at 7am weighing 7lb 15oz.

Mel said: “They were telling us over the phone to tie his cord off so we had to find a shoe lace to do it.”

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Brother Austin watched television with his grandfather, paying no attention to what was happening upstairs.

An ambulance arrived five minutes later and Mel and Regan were taken to hospital.

They returned to their home yesterday afternoon and were settling into life as a family of four.

Baby Regan was due on Friday, August 11 and Mel had initially wanted to give birth at home, but was advised to go into hospital as she had gestational diabetes.

She said: “It was a bit of a shock but it went well. It was the birth I would have wanted, but in a more planned way.”

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