Brian's Oasis shot makes comeback

Legendary band Oasis have re-released a mega-hit album with a Wigan link.

Monday, 25th July 2016, 2:07 pm
Updated Monday, 25th July 2016, 4:09 pm
The cover for the re-release of DYou Know What I Mean?

And local artist Brian Cannon, who worked with the world-famous group on many projects including that track D’You Know What I Mean? on the album Be Here Now, today shared his memories.

The artwork on the front of the single’s release was shot in Darlington Street near Wigan town centre.

It was Brian who chose the location featuring the now famous “Blind Steps”.

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Photographer Brian Cannon

The track will be reissued on the album with Noel Gallagher’s special remix.

Recalling the 1997 shoot, Brian, originally from Pemberton, said: “We chose Wigan as the first place not because there’s anything particularly interesting about that scene but because there were 40 or 50 extras.

“They were all my family or friends; my mum and dad were in there, my mates’ mums and dads were in there.

“So rather than ferry them to a location miles away, it just made sense.

Photographer Brian Cannon

“Noel came and gave it his approval and we went with it.

“We hired out the Bellingham hotel where we ate and then shipped everyone down to Darlington Street.”

Unlike today, there was no social media for word to spread that the biggest band in the world at the time was in Wigan.

However, Brian says that 200 people did get wind of who was in town and lined up across the road to get a glimpse of Noel and Liam.

The album was reissued on Friday and is available for download with hard issues for sale on October 7.

Although Brian has known about the plan for some time, he wasn’t given much notice ahead of the big release, leading to a somewhat manic few days.

“I got the heads-up that (Noel) was working on this a few months back but I only got told the actual date last Wednesday,” said Brian, who runs graphic design company Microdot.

“I’ve listened to the remix of the track and I love it. It’s all the same parts but it’s just re-arranged in a different order.

“You couldn’t really hear the bass on the original but you can now.

“He’s done a great job and has put so much into it but that’s always the case with Oasis projects.”

Noel says that over the years he’s accepted that the songs on the album are “insanely long”, leading to the idea of re-visiting, re-editing the entire album “for posterity’s sake.”