Burnham: I don’t wear mascara

ANDY Burnham has declared chips and gravy as his preferred food - when asked to name his favourite biscuit.

Friday, 31st July 2015, 12:17 pm
Labour Party leadership hopeful Andy Burnham addresses a hustings event at the LSV

The Labour leadership hopeful appeared to try to further his northern credentials by opting for the snack, which he said would be washed down with beer.

Mr Burnham made the remark after telling a Mumsnet webchat he does not eat biscuits due to a lack of a sweet tooth.

The shadow health secretary also labelled newspaper interest in his eyelashes and hair colour as “odd”, adding he has never worn mascara or bought Just For Men.

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At the conclusion of the webchat, Mr Burnham said: “I’m told that I have to tell you what my favourite biscuit is.

“But I’m afraid I’m going to depress you all by saying that I don’t have a sweet tooth and don’t eat biscuits. But give me a beer and chips and gravy any day...”

Fellow leadership hopeful Liz Kendall, when faced with the same question earlier in the week, noted she was “more into savoury snacks” and chose popcorn as her current favourite.

Mumsnet user JeanBillie also asked Mr Burnham: “I’m curious to know what you think about all the ‘sexy eyes’/Bambi stuff.

“Hope you don’t think it’s rude to ask, but I wondered whether it gives you a bit of insight into how female politicians are scrutinised for their looks.... or not?”

The Labour frontbencher replied: “I’ve never thought of it like that, but it’s a good question.

“I don’t think what I get is anything like as insidious as what many of my women colleagues are subject to.

“But since you’ve asked, yes, I do find the Daily Mail’s obsession with my eyelashes and attempts to claim I dye my hair more than a little odd.

“For the record I can assure you I have never worn mascara nor purchased a bottle of Just for Men.”

Mr Burnham has received the backing of comedian David Walliams.

The Little Britain star and Britain’s Got Talent judge, writing on Twitter, said he predicted Mr Burnham would become leader when he first met the Labour MP 10 years ago.

Mr Burnham said: “I’m a big fan of David and feel honoured to have his support for my campaign to put Labour back in touch with millions of disillusioned voters.”