Call to scan dead pets for microchips

A new petition could see councils forced to scan dead pets for microchips.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 13th January 2017, 9:03 am
Updated Friday, 13th January 2017, 10:06 am
Mandy Lowe with beloved cat Coco. Mandy has started a petition to make councils scan dead pets for microchips
Mandy Lowe with beloved cat Coco. Mandy has started a petition to make councils scan dead pets for microchips

Despite 89 percent of councils already doing so, it is not law that they, or any authorities for that matter, have to scan domestic pets found dead in public. As it stands, councils have full legal right to collect animals found and dispose of them as if they were general waste.

But the new petition wants all councils across the country to implement the policy so that pet owners will always be notified, should their missing pets be found to have died.

The suggested campaign letter to councillors asks: “Please can you introduce a policy of scanning deceased pets for microchips, informing owners and keeping records of animals killed by vehicles?”

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Its creator, Mandy Lowe, says a change in the law would be the ultimate solution, adding that MPs have also shown interest in her campaign; even inviting her to Westminster to discuss the issue.

Explaining the reasons behind the campaign, she said: “When a cat is hit and killed by a vehicle, it is devastating for their owners.

“But sometimes, when a cat goes missing, its owners may never find out if they are lost or have been killed in a road accident.

“There is no closure for the owners, and their feelings of loss may go on.”

Mandy added: “The majority of pet owners now get their pets microchipped, and go to great lengths to ensure they are reunited with their pet, should they get lost, injured and taken somewhere, or should the worst happen to them.

“The fact that authorities can just throw a person’s animal - a family member, some would argue - in a bin is a great concern to pet owners.”

Wigan Council are one of the many boroughs to have a similar policy already in place.

A spokesman said: “We will remove dead animals found on public roads, pavements, public open spaces, derelict spaces and alleyways. This includes badgers, foxes, rabbits, deer etc., as well as domestic pets such as cats and dogs.

“Dogs and cats reported will be scanned for a microchip, and if possibly we will notify the owner.”

The petition can be read at