Charity runner's egging was welcome boost

A generous Wiganer going the extra mile to help homeless people got an uneggspected boost after a social media post about him being targeted while running proved popular.

Friday, 24th March 2017, 1:13 pm
Updated Saturday, 25th March 2017, 11:49 am
Matthew Melling after having eggs thrown at him

Matthew Melling wrote on Facebook how he was egged on Victoria Street in Newtown while he was completing his daily 5k athletics challenge.

A black Ford Fiesta drove up to him while he was pounding the pavement and the objects were thrown at the back of his hoodie at about 9.30pm on Tuesday.

Whatever the missile-launcher’s intentions they have now rather ended up with egg on their face as Matthew’s post attracted more than 280 likes and around 75 shares in less than 12 hours on Facebook.

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Matthew Melling at the end of the 5k run in which he had eggs thrown at him in Newtown

Pemberton runner Matthew says he is delighted to have received such a publicity boost for his campaign raising awareness of Helping the Homeless, which gives out food,drink and warm clothing to those on the streets in Wigan town centre.

He said: “It’s quite surreal. I was a bit annoyed at the time I posted it and just wanted to show the person they hadn’t stopped me completing my run, and now it’s gone viral.

“I got some shares on Tuesday night and then the following morning my phone was just going all the time with more people liking and sharing it. Some of the egg jokes in the comments were quite funny too.

“It’s actually giving me quite a bit of publicity and making people aware of what I’m doing for Helping the Homeless.”

Matthew Melling at the end of the 5k run in which he had eggs thrown at him in Newtown

Matthew has so far done more than 80 5k runs, one every day since the start of the year, and even laced up his trainers on a recent trip to Chernobyl in Ukraine. He also completed the half marathon at the Run Wigan Festival last weekend.

Helping the Homeless volunteers, including Matthew, meet in Market Place to assist those without a roof over their heads every Wednesday from around 7pm until 9.30pm.

For more information, visit