Concerns for flood defences on building site next to brook

One of the construction sites on Green Fold WayOne of the construction sites on Green Fold Way
One of the construction sites on Green Fold Way
Environmental bosses have rapped a construction firm for piling up building material on flood defences at a major industrial site.

The Environment Agency (EA) has confirmed a site on Green Fold Way in Leigh cannot be left in its current state.

Excavated material from the site has been pushed onto the banks of Pennington Brook, which serves as flood defences for the area.

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Discussions are now under way to ensure the problems are solved and not repeated as soon as possible.

An Environment Agency spokesman said: “We are aware of reports regarding ongoing works at a site next to Pennington Brook.

Wigan Council are the local planning authority for these works and we have been consulted during the planning process.

“During construction, material has been pushed onto the back of the flood embankments along Pennington Brook and some temporary security fencing has been erected.

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“We have informed the applicant that this material needs to be removed and the previous ground profiles reinstated as soon as possible.

“Our officers have been out on site and we are in contact with the developer to request an update on progress in relation to the site works and removal of the material against the bank. We are currently awaiting a response.

“Only works within eight metres of the landward side of the embankment at Pennington Brook are within the EA’s direct control but should any members of the public spot issues around the flood defences, evidence of waste crime or wildlife in distress, we would always advise them to call our incident hotline.”

The wrongdoing was spotted by eagle-eyed resident Peter Bowdler, who has strongly criticised the work.

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Mr Bowdler said: “It’s absolutely terrible. They have completely destroyed the nearby site of biological interest.

“They’ve gone all the way up to the riverbank, interfering with the flood defences and blocking the track Environment Agency vehicles use.

“That access is so the banks and the flood defences can be rebuilt in the event of collapse, which is possible with so much material piled up.”

Incidents can be reported to the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.

Marie Bintley, assistant director for growth and housing, said: “We are aware of Mr Bowdler’s concerns and are currently working with the Greater Manchester ecology unit to investigate them further.”