Angry drinker shattered Wigan pub's window

A yobbish customer who smashed a pub's window after a furious argument will emerge from prison with the threat of returning there hanging over his head.

Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 10:27 am
Updated Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 10:31 am
The Venture

Kieron Clossick, who is currently behind bars for committing a burglary, appeared in the dock at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court for causing criminal damage at The Venture in Highfield.

Clossick pleaded guilty to committing the frightening offence on Wednesday, April 4 during a family visit to the popular pub-restaurant on Billinge Road from which he had just been ejected.

Justices head that the incident took place after he and his partner began rowing loudly while drinking in the presence of their young child as well as other customers and staff.

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Prosecutor Tim McArdle told the bench that when the assistant manager went over and said to them to quieten down, 24-year-old Clossick became so aggressive that he was eventually shown the door, leaving his partner and child inside.

The court was told that instead of beating a dignified retreat, Clossick then went round the corner of the building and began banging on the window to get the attention of his partner.

And at one point he applied so much force that the pane shattered.

Clossick initially told police in interview that he had only tapped on the glass but had to admit his actions had been reckless.

Defending, Karen Moorfield said: “He wasn’t frustrated with the staff, he was more annoyed with his partner who was still inside the pub with their young baby.

“Unfortunately for him he described the window as being quite flimsy with a single pane of glass.

“He should then take more care then if it wasn’t more robust.

“He has not done, the glass has gone through and he is therefore guilty of reckless damage.”

Clossick was given a three-year conditional discharge, part of which will therefore run once he is released from his current prison sentence.

On leaving jail he will also have to pay £50 in compensation and a £20 victim’s surcharge.