Crash victims hunt hit-and-run driver

A devastated mum-of-two is searching for a man who crashed into her car with her children inside and drove off.
Holden Road, LeighHolden Road, Leigh
Holden Road, Leigh

Kelly Anderson, from Leigh, was travelling along Holden Road on Monday afternoon with three young children in the car when a “young man” pulled out on her with no warning.

The 34-year-old mum, who had her nine-year-old and two-year-old sons in the car, as well as her nine-year-old niece, attempted to avoid the collision but crashed into the side of the vehicle.

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But the day turned from bad to worse when the driver, who had a passenger with him, failed to stop or even check that Kelly and her young passengers were all right.

“I crashed into him as I couldn’t stop,” she said.

“He had just pulled out of nowhere onto the main road.

“He did stop and wound his window down.

“I asked what he was doing and he said ‘sorry’ so I told him I had three kids in the car.

“He said he was pulling over, but then he carried on driving.

“I did pull over and waited with a passer-by, but he never came back.

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“I rang the police and was given a crime number, but haven’t heard anything since.”

The incident happened on Monday at around 4.45pm at Holden Road’s junction with Charles Street.

Kelly is hoping that an appeal to members of the public will help to find the man who could have injured her children without turning back.

“We weren’t injured, thankfully, but we were shaken up,” she said.

“I waited for around 15 minutes for him to come back.

“I was upset just because I had the kids in the car.

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“He was only a young lad. I think he must have panicked or the other guy in the car may have just told him to drive off.

“He looked shocked and said ‘sorry’ but he should have pulled over at least.”

Kelly has described the car as a blue Vauxhall, which now has damage to the driver’s side, and the driver has been described as being aged around 20 and having ginger hair.

He had an “older lad” in the car with him who had dark brown hair.

Anyone with information should contact Greater Manchester Police on 101 or the freephone Crimestoppers number anonymously on 0800 555111.