You won't believe what this cyclist did on a busy Wigan road

Shocking dashcam footage of a young cyclist behaving extremely dangerously on a busy road in Wigan has been shared online.

The young rider appeared to be goading motorists into trying to fight with him in the clip which has been posted on YouTube.

The cyclist gesticulating at the dashcam driver

The cyclist gesticulating at the dashcam driver

The appalling incident, which lasted a couple of minutes, happened on Wallgate and Southgate heading towards Wigan Pier.

The footage shows the rider, who is wearing a gray top and black trousers, cut across two lanes of cars at the junction with Caroline Street just as the traffic lights are turning green.

The rider then sits in the outside lane pedalling slowly in front of a white Range Rover, occasionally turning around to say something in the driver’s direction or to make a gesture with his hand.

The driver of the vehicle with the dashcam, who is in the inside lane, shouts across to him in defence of the person at the wheel of the Range Rover, who had beeped the horn in irritation at the young male’s erratic riding.

The footage then picks up the cyclist cutting back across the two lanes at the turn-off for Wharfside and the Mill at the Pier before waiting in the junction’s mouth and scrutinising the traffic.

As the vehicle bearing the camera lens drives past he then can be seen clearly gesticulating threateningly in his direction.

A concerned resident who contacted the Wigan Post to alert the press to the footage said the incident looked like the cyclist was clearly looking for confrontation and attempting to goad drivers.

He said the footage also showed the driver of the large 4x4 vehicle appeared to have done very little wrong to attract the ire of the rider.

As the cyclist did not make contact with the off-roader it is not believed the incident has been passed on to Greater Manchester Police (GMP) for further investigation.

Recent incidents of road rage captured on camera have focused more on poor behaviour by those at the wheel of cars and other vehicles.

In one recent video which hit the headlines cyclists confronted a woman in the drive-through lane at McDonald’s near the Saddle junction after she cut them up turning off the main road.

Ironically, this latest incident also became known to the become during Road Safety Week, which is being promoted by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

Video by dannydashcam