Daredevils skydive for tragic Cameron

Friends and family braved their nerves to take to the skies in memory of a Wigan teenager.
Cameron Cameron ChadwickCameron Cameron Chadwick
Cameron Cameron Chadwick

A skydive was organised to raise money for Cameron’s Legacy, which was set up as a tribute to 15-year-old Cameron Chadwick, from Norley, who died earlier this year after falling from a motorbike.

Their first scheduled skydive had to be postponed due to strong winds.

But a week later they were able to do the jump.

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The group of 10 people met on Helvellyn Road in Norley, where Cameron fell.

Cameron’s mum Stacey said: “It was really touching. It’s people who have been there since day one and said they will do anything to support the cause.”

They then travelled to Cockerham with friends and other supporters to cheer them on.

Among the group were parents of Cameron’s friends and his aunt Nicola stepped in at the last minute, despite never having been in an aeroplane.

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Stacey said: “I was quite surprised with the fact that I wasn’t really nervous. I couldn’t wait to get out.”

And she really enjoyed the skydive when she jumped out of the aeroplane.

“It was the best feeling in the world,” she said.

“I think everyone will describe it differently. For those few minutes, I felt a real sense of calmness.”

She added: “Cameron would have loved it. He would have been proud. I think he would be surprised that I would do it - years ago I wouldn’t.”

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The skydive was one of several fund-raisers held for Cameron’s Legacy and raised around £3,000.

The appeal is raising money for somewhere for people aged 11 to 17 to go and a multi-use games area.

There will also be days out, offering safe activities and recognising positive behaviour.

More fund-raisers are planned and it is hoped that young people will manage Cameron’s Legacy, lead future fund-raising and choose how the money collected is spent.