Dehumidifiers recalled due to fire risk

A notice has been issued by an electricals firm recalling a batch of dehumidifiers due to a risk of the products catching fire.

Dimplex have recalled their DXDH10N portable dehumidifier model. The 10 litre free-standing units contain a component which may overheat, resulting in the product catching fire.

Customers are advised to immediately stop using the product, switching it off at the mains socket and unplugging from the wall.

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A spokesperson for Dimplex said: “A safety issue has been identified with the printed circuit board on selected models of our DXDH10N dehumidifier. A component on the printed circuit board may overheat, resulting in the product catching fire.

“Affected products were manufactured prior to August 2012 and can be identified by having a serial number starting with 0, 1 or 2. The serial number is located on the product rating plate which is accessible by removing the water tank. Dehumidifiers with a different model number or serial number – or any other Dimplex product - are not affected.”

The firm assured customers they are committed to ensuring the safety of their output and test products regularly to the highest possible standards.

According to the spokesperson, the component in question is manufactured by an external supplier: “This safety issue applies to a component part on one batch from many thousands of dehumidifiers sold by Dimplex every year but we are leaving no stone unturned to identify all affected products that have been sold. The product in question is manufactured by one of our suppliers, who have been carefully audited by our own in-house team.

“Anybody affected by this recall is urged to call our helpline on 0800 028 53 86 so we can arrange a replacement product.”