Wigan GP practice is outstanding, say watchdogs

Staff at Shevington Surgery
Staff at Shevington Surgery

A popular Wigan GP practice has been rated outstanding by health watchdogs.

Shevington Surgery has been given the highest rating following an inspection last year by the Care Quality Commission much to the delight of hard-working staff.

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The Houghton Lane surgery, which currently has around 12,600 patients on its books, is run by eight GP partners.

The surgery staff have been praised for their caring attitudes and their diligence in making sure patient safety is a priority.

An outstanding area highlighted by CQC inspectors was the practice’s approach to end of life care.

“We saw 100 per cent of patients at end of life having had a preferred place of death recorded,” wrote inspectors.

“Where ‘Do not attempt cardio-pulmonary resuscitation’ (DNACPR) orders were in place we saw patients had been involved in and agreed with this decision.

“The practice had also audited if they had achieved the patient’s wishes and identified these wishes had been achieved 71 per cent.”

When discussing if the services are safe, the inspectors added: “The practice considered all significant events that involved their patient- both inside the practice and events that happened in other settings such as hospital care.

“They showed they were thinking across the whole of their patient’s journeys through the NHS and social care, and not just their direct part in the practice.”

Staff were also commended for their kindness towards patients.

Dr Michael Pollard, one of the Shevington Surgery practice partners, said, “We are delighted to have been rated as ‘Outstanding’.

“We believe it reflects our commitment to delivering the best care to our 12,653 patients.

“We are particularly proud that the inspectors felt we treated patients with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.”