Heatwave on the way – but clouds over Lancashire

Temperatures are set to soar this week but meteorologists have warned that the sun may not shine over Lancashire.

CLOUD: But the Met Office warned of cloud in Lancashire
CLOUD: But the Met Office warned of cloud in Lancashire

The North West is set to hit a high of 26C on Wednesday but the MET Office urged people to prepare for cloudy skies.

A spokesman said: “In the North West temperatures will be reaching the mid twenties.

“But just because the temperatures are warm doesn’t mean you are guaranteed sunshine.

“There are a lot of clouds around with the weather system. At the moment Wednesday looks quite cloudy on the charts.”

Nationally the temperature is expected to hit 30C in the South.

But the Met office are predicting that temperatures will reach 23C-24C on Tuesday and 24C 25C and 26C on Wednesday and Thursday in Lancashire.

The Met Office blog adds: “The UK is likely to be near the boundary between a tropical continental airmass and a tropical maritime airmass over the Atlantic. We do expect to see temperatures rise across the whole of the UK for the start of July.

“As is traditional with hot weather in the UK in the summer it may end with thunderstorms.” Check the latest forecast at metoffice.gov.uk.