How to avoid roadworks blockade on main road through Wigan

A main road through Wigan will be closed again this Sunday as resurfacing work continues.
Roadworks were carried out on Wigan Road on SundayRoadworks were carried out on Wigan Road on Sunday
Roadworks were carried out on Wigan Road on Sunday

Motorists - including many rugby fans - were left fuming when Wigan Road in New Springs was shut for repairs on Sunday, leaving some drivers with a six-mile detour to get to their destinations. Read more: Fury over Wigan roadworks blockade

It will be shut again this Sunday and the one after that as the resurfacing work continues.

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For those wanting to get to Aspull from Wigan there are two principal, if relatively lengthy, routes that can be taken.

Instead of heading up through Scholes and Whelley, drivers instead head along Scholefield Lane to Ince, onwards to the crossroads in Hindley where you turn left onto Market Street and thence onto Ladies' Lane, which becomes Hall Lane before turning out onto Bolton Road in Aspull.

Alternatively, head up Wigan Lane to Boar's Head, turn right onto Chorley Road until reaching the mini-roundabout and then turn right onto Red Rock Lane, which takes drivers round the back of Haigh and ends up on Haigh Road, Aspull.

For those wanting to go from Aspull into Wigan, please follow the instructions in reverse!