Joel Tomkins saga takes another twist

The Joel Tomkins saga took an extraordinary twist tonight when a second video of his drunken tirade against bar-staff was released - by his brother Sam.

Tuesday, 5th June 2018, 7:12 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th June 2018, 10:17 am
Joel Tomkins

Earlier today, Wigan forward Joel contacted the Wigan Observer to issue an apology for the shocking footage which went viral last Saturday and led to him being fined £10,000 and banned for four games.

During his prepared statement, he revealed he was also aware of a second video taken moments later as he left Fifteens in Standish about five weeks ago.

Younger brother Sam, fined £5,000 for his involvement, posted the footage on Twitter tonight, accompanied by the words: "This evening I have been sent the second video which Joel referenced in his statement this afternoon.

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"Joel understands the mistakes he has made and has personally apologised to every person in the footage. All apologies have been accepted."

Joel admitted during his apology earlier today that he had spent the last five weeks worrying any of the shameful footage would be made public.

For that reason, it is thought he decided to ask Sam to release the second video now rather than risk it surfacing from someone else down the track.

Joel had said the second video displayed "the same kind of shameful behaviour" to the first - he was not wrong.

It shows a confrontation as Joel resists pleas to leave Fifteens in Standish.

Joel appears to either grab, or knock, the recording mobile phone from a member of staff's hand.

In angry exchanges which follow over the following two minutes, Joel launches an expletive-fuelled rant at two people.

"You're one disgusting little bitch," he repeats at one member of staff, who he later labels a "slag".

Younger brother Sam is featured but he is behind a door and can not be heard. Like the first, he makes an attempt to guide his brother away but Joel shrugs him off.

Earlier today, Joel, who doesn't have his own twitter account, confessed he was so drunk he didn’t remember details of the incident the following day.

"I’m sure the video footage is enough for many people to form an opinion on my character and I can only accept that fact," he wrote.

"I may never change those opinions.

"My hope is that the people who I have met in the past or meet in future will realise that my actions in the video were totally out of character, largely driven by alcohol, and do not reflect the person I am."

He apologised to everyone involved, as well as his family and friends, and team-mates, coaches, staff and fans of Wigan Warriors.

Warning: Video contains offensive language