Mill roof danger warning

Firefighters are yet again warning people to stay away from an abandoned mill after youngsters were spotted dicing with death on the roof.

A crew from Wigan fire station had to be sent to Pagefield Mill to chase a group of young people out of the derelict building.

The incident happened at around 4pm on Saturday, with the fire service called after Greater Manchester Police (GMP) requested assistance clearing the site.

Unlike some break-ins at the Pagefield the latest was merely a trespassing issue, with no vandalism being caused in the building and no fires being lit.

However, getting the youngsters out of the hazardous mill still took up around half an hour of the crew’s time and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is once again warning of having to attend repeated call-outs.

Firefighters reminded Wiganers the half-derelict mill buildings are potentially lethal and time spent at Pagefield hinders crews from being able to get to genuine emergencies elsewhere.

Scores of warnings have been issued to keep out of the mill next to Mesnes Park as the fire service has been plagued by incidents of trespass there.

Fires were lit numerous times last year and crews found a tumble dryer ablaze in the building early in January.

More alarming incidents, including children walking on the roof and trespassers creating a rope swing over a massive and precarious drop, have also been observed.


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In another concerning call-out fire crews found a gas canister left very close to a blaze.

Wigan Council took the step of demolishing several buildings at the rear of the Bridgeman Terrace site last year but so far the owners have shown no interest in either demolishing or developing the mill.

Numerous attempts have been made to shore up the fences around the mill due to the repeated break-ins.