New, smaller, cheaper iPhone on the way?

Apple users are eagerly awaiting the technology giant's latest iPhone announcement, with rumours of the iPhone SE (or 5se, or 6c) getting people most excited.
New Apple phone... coming soon!New Apple phone... coming soon!
New Apple phone... coming soon!

Previous forecasts pointed to a drop in smartphone sales in early 2016, but an alternative to the top-of-the-range iPhone 6s could encourage more users to upgrade.

It seems likely that the lower-end new device could be similar to the iPhone 5 in appearance with curved glass stylings and a 4 inch screen, but with 6s-style features such as a 12-megapixel camera and the ability to capture 4K video. Also likely inclusions are a fingerprint reader and ApplePay capabilities.

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What is clear, however, is that this is not the iPhone 7. That device will come in September, as new Apple products usually do. But the new iPhone will put the company back in the public eye following the release of new, well-received devices from LG and Samsung earlier this year

Also on the agenda for today’s announcement in the company’s Cupertino headquarters could be a new iPad. The Air 3 will be a smaller and more lightweight version of the iPad Pro, Apple’s most recent and largest tablet. Apple Watch accessories are also likely to appear.

We’ll have to wait until 5pm GMT before we find out what Tim Cook and co have in store for us. The stark white invite reveals little else, apart from the typically mysterious message: “Let us loop you in.”