Review: Latest series of The Apprentice is enough to drive you to drink as Lord Sugar's search for a business partner reaches new heights of ineptitude

It’s been quite horrifying over the past couple of weeks seeing this inept bunch of self-serving idiots struggling to spin their way out of trouble, desperate to continue their scramble for power.

But enough about the Government, The Apprentice (BBC1, Thurs, 9pm) has returned and the candidates to a Lord Sugar baby seem to be more incompetent than ever before.

It doesn’t help that, three episodes in, the tasks have been essentially the same – think up a new type of product, make it look like a poo, give it an appalling name that no one understands and then ask retailers to place hypothetical orders for said poo-adjacent product.

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This week’s show asked the teams to come up with a mocktail, and an augmented reality gizmo to go with it. Invariably, Lord Sugar says ‘app’ or ‘augmented reality’ as if he’s never heard of such magical things before, although he probably still uses an Amstrad E-Mailer to contact his business colleagues.

Nick’s team, with Aaron, from Chorley far left, try to sell their non-alcoholic drink Vodify to Lord Sugar in the latest series of the BBC reality show The Apprentice
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No matter, they still ‘won’ and Navid, dressed as the captain of the Titanic, went down with his spiced beer ship.

The Apprentice is still utterly pointless as a business show, but now seems to be coming to terms with its position as the country’s premier showcase for narcissists and show-offs.

Apart from the benches of the House of Commons.

Keeping Up With The Aristocrats (ITV, Mon, 9pm) was supposed to be an eye-opening look at our penniless betters, but it was very hard to have any sympathy for them at all.

Channel 4 drama Screw (C4, Thurs, 9pm) still seems to be going under the radar, but impresses with its mix of black humour and tense drama. It feels like it could explode at any moment. Recommended.