LUKE MARSDEN: Expanding my culinary boundaries

Joe Wicks and his Gousto recipesJoe Wicks and his Gousto recipes
Joe Wicks and his Gousto recipes
I’m not Gordan Ramsey, that’s a fact.

I don’t pretend I can do any more advanced cooking than beans on toast, albeit I did go through the banana bread phase during lockdown one.

This week my life has been changed, maybe not forever but I’ve certainly broadened my culinary skills.

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Perhaps better late than never I’ve tried one of these at-home cooking boxes that have the ingredients delivered to your door in the exact proportions, so you just need to whack it all in a pan, shake it about a bit and post a picture on Instagram and convince people you’ve suddenly become Ainsley Harriot overnight.

I tried the Gousto box (before you complain, no I did not get it for free - I wish!). It came with enough cardboard packaging to make a rocket ship but all the contents were fresh and had what could only be a described as a dummies’-guide-to-cooking-from-a-box card inside of it, explaining step by step what I had to do.

I did Joe’s Chicken (Wicks not Uncle Joe) and took the obligatory pics ready for Instagram.

Like many metropolitan restaurants, the Gusto boxed is aimed at the social media generation: everything neatly presented and appealing. It tasted delicious, if I do say so myself.

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I sent a pic to my mum and she has now invited herself round for a meal (now it’s not illegal).

I don’t know if I’m ready to test my new skill out on other humans, but for now I’m happy that I’ve learned the basics of cooking from a complete stranger loading all the stuff I need into a box and shipping it to me.

I promised myself I wouldn’t turn into one of these tupperware people but as I’m writing this, I’ve just loaded up Amazon…

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