LUKE MARSDEN: gift cards aren't as thoughtless as some make out

I’m often criticised for saying that I think the perfect gift to give someone is a gift card.

By Luke Marsden
Friday, 17th June 2022, 4:55 am

Apparently, the gift card industry will triple in value by 2027 and I perfectly understand why.

For Father’s Day this weekend my dad will not be shocked that he will be receiving vouchers for Franco’s in Wigan.

This is his favourite restaurant; he enjoys going and the beauty of gift vouchers is he can arrange to go with whomever and whenever he wants.

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Luke Marsden says that gift cards are often better appreciated than other presents, no matter how much trouble has gone into getting them

“They are thoughtless and show that no effort has gone into the gift” is a statement often levelled at me by my own family and friends when I purchase them gift cards.

My reply (usually after calling them ungrateful) is that cards and vouchers for their favourite places and things to do actually shows more effort and thought has gone into the gift selection process.There’s nothing worse than painting on a fake smile, saying thanks and following it up with the standard response of "it’s the thought that counts” when you’ve been given a gift you know you’ll either never wear, spray, use or hate.

I didn’t always used to be Mr Gift Card. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way after years of giving my mum Christmas and birthday presents that she left unopened, re-gifted or sent to charity shops.

Carol was a hard woman to buy presents for until she discovered the miracle of gift cards.

I used to get her one for the Grand Arcade but if I whacked £100 on a Grand Arcade gift card these days it would probably last her years with so few shops in it now.My dad will enjoy a cracking Italian meal on a date and time of his choosing in the future, tucking into a dish of his choosing knowing that my sister and I have financed it and, let’s be honest, that’s really the thought that counts when you get to the bill: who is paying for it?

As for a novelty Father’s Day card: I’ll stick to searching for a “Luke, I am your Father” one…