LUKE MARSDEN: I’m not ready to go veggie yet

It may have passed you by, what with the Love Island finale and the rain finally stopping, but August 27 is, in fact, National Burger Day.
Burgers remain very popularBurgers remain very popular
Burgers remain very popular

Amazon Fresh reminded me of this historic occasion and I’m thankful they did because imagine if I’d spent the entire day not thinking about burgers.

Of course, it’s not just about burgers anymore. I feel us meat-eaters are rapidly becoming as much of a dying breed as the cows we eat.

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I’ve grown up on a meat diet as I’d imagine many in our town have. Meat and potato pies are in our blood. We’re the home of the World Pie-Eating Championship after all. That said it’s probably only a matter of time until the contest allows a meat alternative pie.

It was only recently that I learned what a “flexitarian” actually is (basically someone who is mostly vegetarian but does have the occasional dalliance with meat). I don’t think I’m on the pathway to becoming a flexi just yet but stranger things have happened.

A friend of mine partakes in Veganuary every year, not because I think she wants to reduce her carbon footprint or meat intake (I’ve seen her inhale a full English before), but because she loves a trend. It’s a cultural norm these days to post a vegan sausage roll on your Instagram story in January and encourage others to give up for a month.

I tried for a week last year but I love a burger too much. For those who celebrated National Burger Day without a meat burger, I raise my bun to you: it’s not easy to give up a quarter pounder. Even after watching Clarkson’s Farm and how attached he got to the animals it didn’t make me want to give up and neither did Jeremy when he sold them in his shop!

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