LUKE MARSDEN: My opposition to further Covid restrictions

Last weekend I spent dining, drinking and dancing (I can only apologise to witnesses!) in Manchester with friends.
Covid passes/vaccine passports would only harm businesses, Luke saysCovid passes/vaccine passports would only harm businesses, Luke says
Covid passes/vaccine passports would only harm businesses, Luke says

It was almost, dare I say it, normal. Manchester was booming as Christmas rapidly approaches but the picture could be about to turn bleaker than my dancing.

Despite strong opposition from his own, the Prime Minister’s plan B is in place, but we all know what plan C will mean: cancelled. I don’t mean cancelled like JK Rowling or in some parts of the country, Winston Churchill, I mean Christmas could be cancelled.

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Wigan musician excited to perform at a festive Christmas show this weekend
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With both my mum and sister working in the NHS, I fully understand the drive to get everyone boosted. I’m hoping to get my third shot in the arm in the new year. They told me first-hand about the horrors they witnessed in 2020 and their worries as Omicron rage but vaccine passports aren’t the answer.

Yes, compulsory face masks and working from home if you can but no to vaccine passports. This will once again have potentially detrimental impact not only to business in Wigan but regionally and nationally.

I spoke at length in this column last year about support for our local Wigan businesses who are only just now getting back on their feet.

They do not need their legs taking from under them and having yet another barrier for us to give our patronage.

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Some will argue what difference does it make we already have travel passports, which of course are fine for getting in and out of the country. But I don’t want to have to display my vaccination history at 1am to a bouncer who doesn’t care just to have a boogie in Popworld. Perhaps Bill Gates was onto something with the microchip idea after all…

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