LUKE MARSDEN: Spread the word about an often overlooked eye condition

I had an entirely different plan for this week’s column.

By Luke Marsden
Friday, 8th April 2022, 4:55 am

I intended to dedicate it to the Government’s proposed idea of selling off C4.

Someone on Twitter asked if I was sad as they suggested that under a private company, Big Brother would never have been made.

I beg to differ: in fact Big Brother around the world is a format thriving under privately owned channels.

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Don't miss the chance of an eyesight check-up

This column, however, is about something closer to home than my reality TV stint.This month marks 10 years since I was diagnosed with an eye disease called Keratoconus.

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I have the disease in both eyes, it affects the structure of the cornea and results in loss of vision, regrettably it is incurable.

Someone once thought I said I had Kerry Katona in my eye. Now that really would be incurable.It was during my mid-20s that I noticed my eyesight should be far better than it was and why I had the text size of a 90-year-old on my mobile.

The cause of the disease is unknown but likely hereditary.

My grandad worked down the pits and I believe his cataract diagnosis was likely a misdiagnosis.

I had an operation in 2016 that helped to stabilise the disease and to answer a question that many ex-girlfriends have asked me. No, I cannot go blind from Keratoconus.Compared to many I’ve spoken to online and read about, I’m lucky.

I think my version of the disease is medium tier compared to some.

I was referred to St Paul’s Eye Unit at the Royal Liverpool Hospital many years ago and continue to have regular check-ups with them to see if the disease remains stable.

I went this week and, thankfully, it is.On each visit I notice a younger demographic of patients, this is a good thing, they are catching this early and seeking help.

I wish I’d known earlier but if reading this even makes one person go for that eye test they keep postponing then I can rest my case.How refreshing: an entire column without mentioning another disease that many more can relate too, including Kerry Katona…

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