LUKE MARSDEN: Trump may have the last laugh

Donald Trump at the White House this weekDonald Trump at the White House this week
Donald Trump at the White House this week
Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I read that on a breaking news banner. I didn’t have to double-take or even think I was watching a sketch show.

The world’s most powerful man has been nominated for one of the world’s most prestigious accolades. Why should we be surprised?

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Perhaps because if he wins the prize, he’ll probably be the first recipient who has ever had his own line of steaks and vodka.

2020 has thrown all of us curveball after curveball so why is it now surprising that a reality star could grab a prize for facilitating international peace?

This of course is on a global scale but this year, throughout the clap for carers especially, we’ve seen a renewed and restored sense of community across the country and dare I say, across the world (for the most part!)

As the R rate continues to increase, our neighbouring town placed under tighter lockdown restrictions we’ve got to continue to remain positive and take our laughs where we can so if President Trump’s nomination provides a source of amusement then that isn’t a bad thing at all. Donald Trump proved in November 2016 that he had the last laugh and dare I put this in writing, I believe he will have the last laugh again on election night this year.

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One day I’d love to see a Wiganer nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize (perhaps once a Wigan Athletic deal is done?). That may seem impossible, but Donald Trump is proof that the impossible can easily become a reality.

Hopefully in my lifetime we’ll see a northerner scoop the coveted Norwegian prize. I highly doubt I’ll ever be nominated for a peace prize but then again, 2020 is teaching us to never say never...