LUKE MARSDEN: Why can't you find a decent gardener anymore?

​Does anyone want to actually do an honest days work anymore?

​I think we all know the answer is “no”.

Gone are the days of people putting in the graft or back-breaking work to actually give you value for money.

I’m unfortunate (or fortunate depending on how you look at it) to have a rather large back garden but, dear reader, this comes at a heavy price: a lot of weeds.

What sort of gardener says they don't do weeding?What sort of gardener says they don't do weeding?
What sort of gardener says they don't do weeding?
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I’ve been after an actual gardener for months maybe years as the so-called gardeners I’ve had have all been total cowboys or worse.

The previous owners of my house, an elderly couple, decided to remove all the grass and flag most layers of the garden. I can see the logic here but I honestly would’ve preferred the grass to cut rather than the vast amounts of insidious weeds I now have to deal with.

I’ve had gardeners tell me all they do is cut grass (which is what my neighbour’s gardener does). Cutting grass does not qualify you as a gardener; I could train my dog to cut grass!

I’m happy to pay someone an honest day’s wage to actually weed my garden, trim my ivy and do some proper maintenance.

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I’ve previously done this myself but, as I’ve got older, I’ve put a greater value on my time therefore I’m happy to pay the going rate to someone else who will need it.

The problem is, these days people want the quick fix, the easy win.

They don’t want to take the time, do a proper job and have pride in what they have done.

As spring and the warmer weather has (finally!) arrived, the smell of barbecues is in the air and I want to join in. But, of course, first I need to tackle the green stalks.

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I’m sure many readers of this will feel my pain. They’ve been let down, ripped off and even had damage done to their gardens by total amateurs.

If you aren’t shy of doing some hard work, then let me know because at the moment I really am lost in the weeds…

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