Letters: '˜There's something rotten in the State of Conmark'

From listening to some ministers prior to the Conservative Party Conference and, confirmed by the Prime Minister's own conference speech, it appears that the party has spotted 'something rotten in the State of Conmark'.
Prime Minister Theresa MayPrime Minister Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May

This “something” has not been noticed, it would seem, during the past eight years when people’s lives have been offered up on the altar of forced Austerity. However, over the past week, all that is rotten has been sniffed out just in time for conference.

This was convenient, as it enabled the faithful to declare publicly that they have not sacrificed people’s lives and futures at all. Rather, they have the people at heart in this yet-to-be-created land of “Opportunity”.

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Before we sweep what is rotten under the carpet and participate in the pretence that serious harm has not been inflicted on this country, it is important to reflect on the damage wreaked on people’s lives when those in power deliberately manipulate the fall-out of a Wall Street crash to ensure that it is Main Street who pays the price.

A short-term and measured degree of Austerity was needed as a response to the financial crash in 2008.

However, for this single economic option to have been employed for eight years suggests either it served a cynical ideological purpose or there is no one in Government with any understanding of economics...or both.

The stage was set in 2010 in terms of who the victims of the financial crash would be.

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The crash was a convenient instrument to put into operation a plan ingrained in Conmark’s thinking – the slogan, “We are all in it together”, both satisfied English stoicism and paved the way for unrelenting budget cuts.

I am largely apolitical.

However, I recognise a rotten smell when it is under my nose.

B Kelly

via email