Readers' letter - April 6

'˜Mural was anti-Semitic and racist '“ but Corbyn isn't'

Friday, 6th April 2018, 2:50 pm
Updated Friday, 6th April 2018, 2:56 pm
There have been allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

Whilst I am not Jewish myself, my wife and two sons are, and I think I know an anti-Semite when I see one, and while Jeremy Corbyn has a record lately of making a number of potential PR blunders, an anti-Semite he is not.

The mural, which is at the root of the current argument, is racist and anti-Semitic, but it is also a portrayal of the world view held by the artist. Clearly, it is a critique of what conspiracy theorists believe – which is that the world’s economy is overseen by the illuminati (note their logo on the wall) and the capitalist system is loaded in favour of the elite.

It is obvious that the men portrayed are meant to include the Rothschilds and their close associates. It is undeniable that the Rothschilds are among the wealthiest families in the world, and it is also undeniable that they are Jewish.

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People are sometimes believed to be ‘guilty by association’ and I think some people believe all Jews are ‘stinking rich’. Obviously, that is drivel. My Jewish family are far from wealthy and the Jewish people are made up of all economic groups.

The ensuing demonstrations and remonstrations is, in my view, nothing more than another well-orchestrated smear campaign by persons unknown. What is worse is the mainstream media’s pushing this story into their headlines, these relentless attacks illustrates once again their disdain for the rise of the left and the disgusting measures they will take to undermine the reputation of Jeremy Corbyn and the new Labour, and surprise, surprise, the CLP has again used this opportunity to further their centrist Blairite agenda.

There may be ‘pockets’ of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, and I know that the Labour leadership will do their best to stamp it out. It is probable that the said anti-Semitic views are formed around the Israeli/Palestinian issue and once again Jewish people have

become ‘guilty by association’.

Mark Berman-Thomas

via email

Cutting our nose to spite our face

We certainly need a new EU referendum as the truth about Brexit is beginning to dawn upon people.

Brexit means cutting ourselves off from our main export market, cutting our nose to spite our face.

Brexit will mean that

everyone in Britain will be worse off financially.

Car firms and other major industries will move from Britain to mainland Europe with thousands of job losses – Jaguar Land Rover is already planning its new car in Austria.

The North of England will be especially hard hit by job losses.

The farming industry will be hard hit with the loss of workers from Eastern Europe and this will mean a steep rise in food prices for everyone.

The NHS will be badly damaged as we lose European doctors and nurses. British universities will lose important income from young people with high skills no longer coming to study in Britain.

Even the City of London is already losing hundreds of jobs – key financial workers – to Frankfurt and Paris.

Hoping to find new export markets elsewhere in the world is pie in the sky.

Brexit, especially a hard Brexit, will be, by far, the worst decision by any British Government of any political colour since the Second World War.

Mike Pearson

Address supplied

Shaking off

the shackles

How strange it is that the

Remainers are clamouring for a second referendum because they say the public were misled by the Leave campaign. I don’t remember us being allowed a second referendum when we found out we had all been lied to when we were told that joining the Common Market (now EU) was just for trading purposes only. Had we been told the truth that it would affect our sovereignty and we would lose the right to decide our laws in our own Parliament, the outcome in the 1975 Referendum would have been vastly different and the vote would certainly not have been 60 per cent in favour of remaining. What a sad bunch of people the doom and gloom Remainers are as they lack pride in our country and confidence in the ability of Great Britain to stand on its own two feet. We should all be celebrating the fact that we are finally shaking off the shackles of Brussels and will be able to once again govern ourselves, not be dictated to by people who do not have our interests at heart. New and exciting opportunities lie ahead for our country so let’s fly our flag with pride and rejoice!

Susan Richardson

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Realities ignored

I have been involved in exporting materials around the world for the whole of my working life. I do not understand why the supporters of Brexit do not consider the costs of shipping materials around the world and the very low labour costs, particularly in the Asian countries. It is ridiculous to assume we will have no problem arranging trade deals. London will not remain the financial centre of Europe.

Les Parkes

via email