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The old ones were best
Laura Whitmore and Ed Balls at the launch of Strictly Come Dancing 2016. See letterLaura Whitmore and Ed Balls at the launch of Strictly Come Dancing 2016. See letter
Laura Whitmore and Ed Balls at the launch of Strictly Come Dancing 2016. See letter

The fact that some drivers have no idea of how to change a wheel on a car, which was recently reported in a survey, comes as no surprise to me!

I am of the opinion this is largely due to the fact that so many new cars today come with no spare wheel, just an aerosol can of foam or sealant so drivers never get any experience in this procedure!

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These are largely useless, unless it’s just a drawing pin or something similar in the tyre, as they can never repair any significant tyre damage caused or do anything for a damaged wheel. Also, the tyre, once contaminated inside, often can’t be conventionally mended so it’s a new tyre needed!

In over 50 years of driving I have changed wheels on many, many vehicles, including the inner dual rear wheel on the third axle of an AEC eight-wheeler lorry loaded with 15 tons of coal! They had 10 wheel nuts, very tight, you had to cling onto the bodywork sides and jump onto the wheel brace steel bar. This is as thick as a brush handle – like a corkscrew after a few punctures! The rear wheels on one car though, a 1957 Austin A95 Westminster, acquired in 1966, was awkward to change as there was little clearance between the hub and wing.

I used to let some air out then wriggle the wheel on, and re-inflate with a foot pump.

They don’t make ’em like they used to!

D S Boyes

Address supplied


Put Great back into GB

It is more than 100 days since the results of the referendum where announced, with the ‘Brexiteers’ winning the day with 17.4 million votes. This was almost four per cent ahead of the ‘remain’ camp but they still refuse to acknowledge the result. David Cameron gambled on winning because of his ‘Project Fear’ campaign, which is why he stated his Government would abide by the result whichever way it went. He lost and it ended his political career, but the fear campaign continues.

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The doom and gloom scare-mongering stories designed to intimidate the ‘Brexiteers’ are still being peddled by those with their own agenda. Their tactics are the causes of the fall in the value of the pound and any future price rises for consumers, not our vote to leave. We voted the right way and their views should be ignored. The majority voted ‘Leave’ for the right reasons, not least to once again control our own destiny as an independent nation free from the shackles of the anti-democratic EU. We should all be talking up Britain with the opportunities that lie ahead for us and be grateful we were given the chance to do so.

Now we need ensure what we voted for happens without further shenanigans and put the Great back into Britain.

Philip Griffiths,

North West President, UKIP


We all love a trier like Ed

I, and many other viewers, are enjoying watching Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing.

Every year there is a ‘comedy act’ on Strictly, someone who has never danced a step in their lives but tries their hardest. Strictly is primarily an entertainment show and people like Ed, Jeremy Vine and John Sergeant always prove popular with the voting public as they are entertaining, and we all love a trier. The show would be dull if all the contestants were brilliant dancers. Ed seems like a nice guy, he knows he has no chance of winning and will be voted out eventually, but I say good on him for giving it a go!

Kathryn Milner via email