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Tesco has no right to fine motorists

Thursday, 20th October 2016, 4:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 4:38 pm
As a business, Tesco has no right to issue fines to members of the public says a correspondent. See letter

I’m writing in response to the article, Tesco is to introduce fines for people who park wrongly, (WEP October 17).

The sentiment is fine.

Who hasn’t felt annoyed, having parked at the back of the car park, to find other drivers apparently abusing the spaces for those with disabilities or reserved for parent and child.

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However...Tesco is a business rather than an authority. Businesses have no right whatsoever to issue fines to members of the general public, even if they are Tesco customers.

It would take a daft ha’porth to pay a fine to a business.

If they tried it on me, I would make them take it to court.

I intend to draw this matter to the attention of my MP.

What if the local butcher and baker started fining people? Where would it ever stop?

Could I fine someone for flicking a tab end into my garden?

Coun Michael McLoughlin


Wigan Central Ward


Where are the petrol protests?

I note petrol prices are being increased 5p a litre this week. There are various reasons given for the hike, such as higher oil prices. It is also the first of many hikes to come because of the Brexit vote in June.

I have no idea what will be the financial repercussions of the vote to leave the EU.

I’m not alone as our Government, together with our unelected Prime Minister, are totally clueless on this issue.

All the PM says is “Brexit means Brexit” but has yet to mention anything concrete as to what this will mean.

So who can we turn to voice any disapproval for the latest rise in fuel? Could it be the infamous Farmers For Action, who blockaded fuel depots and blocked our highways protesting about the hike in petrol?

This self-elected body proclaimed themselves protectors of the poor hard-done-to motorists some 15 years or so ago.

However, there was a Labour Government in power at that time and I doubt there will be any protests from the Farmers For Action this time.

Under a Conservative Government, their silence will be deafening.

Eamonn Cookson

via email


Scrap the sugar tax

People against Sugar Tax recently carried out an online survey over three days, where we received 768 responses from across the UK.

Fifty eight per cent said they were opposed to the sugar tax, and just 39 per cent said they were in favour.

Three per cent were 

When asked whether a sugar tax would make any difference to public health, more than 50 per cent of the respondents said it would make no difference.

We also asked the respondents who said they were opposed to the sugar tax (the 58 per cent only) whether further restrictions on food and soft drink advertising was ‘too nanny state’.

An overwhelming 77 per 
cent of these agreed that it was.

It’s time for politicians to listen to the views of ordinary people.

We call on the Chancellor 
to scrap this unpopular 

Brook Whelan

Chief Executive

People against Sugar Tax