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A reader questions why is there a delay in leaving the European Union?A reader questions why is there a delay in leaving the European Union?
A reader questions why is there a delay in leaving the European Union?
Why the delay to leave EU?

“Brexit means Brexit” – means what? It was a simple choice on the referendum voting slip – Do you want to remain in the EU or leave the EU? No mention of having to invoke an ‘Article 50’ or navel gazing over whether to adopt a Swiss / Norway relationship /single market deal.

Instead of trying to untangle 40 years of EU red tape and waffle, PM May could simplify the situation by slicing through the Gordian knot and repealing the 1972 European Communities Act and conducting negotiations as an independent nation.

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It would appear, however, that we will have another two and a half years of Juncker-led taunts and threats to suffer.

Another £450m of contributions to pour into the sclerotic Brussels money pit.

Another 800,000 unmonitored immigrants to absorb without complaint.

Another £1,000 per household in EU green energy surcharges.

Another £2m to line the parasitic windbag Kinnock and family’s back pocket.

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Two and a half years before being rid of business strangling red tape.

Before we can return 13,000 foreign criminals to their country of origin without them bouncing back on the return flight.

Before I can buy a light bulb that can cast a shadow, and a vacuum that collects dirt instead of rearranging it.

Before we can turn back NHS treatment tourist migrants at Customs.

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Before GP waiting times and school placements start to flatline. Before we can stop decommissioning perfectly serviceable coal-fired power stations.

The apparent lethargy in cutting ties has the cold clammy fingerprints of Mandelson, Blair, et al written on it.

It seems more difficult to be rid of the Brussels foot on the UK’s throat than for a one-legged man to win a backside kicking competition.

Pete Hanslip

Address supplied


BBC’s not 
left wing

The BBC has often been criticised for being too sympathetic to the Left. I think there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

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All that the right-wing media has wanted to do is downgrade and besmirch Jeremy Corbyn, who is more popular than ever. Now former Labour leader Neil Kinnock has stuck the knife in.

I contend Mr Corbyn will win the leadership contest by a massive majority vote. Why? He is addressing the real concerns of millions of British people. The 99 per cent of people who are not the wealthiest; workers on low wages; the unemployed; the homeless, the dispossessed and the young.

The BBC does tend to support, and give credence to, the one per cent of wealthy entrepreneurs and the wealthy products that it has created itself, only now looking at their huge salaries.

Andrew Marr was rude and patronising to Jeremy Corbyn in a recent TV interview, however he (Corbyn) calmly and with serene composure deflected everything Marr could throw at him with the complete demeanour of a gentleman.

Peter Asquith-Cowen,

via email


Thinking has just begun

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It has been announced that George Osborne is to set up a “think-tank” for the Northern Powerhouse. Does that mean that there has been no thinking going on for the last two years?

Alan Disberry via email