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Fixing the damage

Friday, 28th October 2016, 4:50 pm
Updated Monday, 31st October 2016, 9:53 am
A correspondent asks householders to be humane when it comes to dealing with unwanted visitors such as rats and mice

I was wondering when regular correspondent, UKIP’s Philip Griffiths, was going to address the consequences of the Brexit vote he campaigned for (WEP October 25).

Of course, I’d been hoping he’d apologise for the false promise of extra NHS spending, abandoned the day after the vote. Maybe he’d own up to the sham of his “take back control” message when the unelected Government imposes fracking on Lancashire and a third runway on Heathrow. Perhaps he’d show regret for the surge in race hate attacks since the referendum? Or reflect on the suggestion by Tory MP Grant Shapps that Brexit allows his party to undo vital employment, consumer and environmental protections?

Surely he’d admit that Remain campaign forecasts of rising prices are now beginning to come true? No. According to Mr Griffiths, those of us pointing out what has happened since the vote have actually caused it to happen – a classic example of UKIP’s backwards thinking.

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Essentially, he doesn’t want to face up to scrutiny of his support for a misleading campaign, or admit his fraud against the people of Wigan, which is why he is demanding that Remain campaigners like me go back in our box.

Well, I’ve got a suggestion for Mr Griffiths – if he doesn’t want to debate the consequences of the Leave vote, he should follow the example of his fellow campaigners who have since decided to cut and run, and quit politics. It’s up to the rest of us to fix the damage he and his mates in the Tory-backed Leave campaign have caused.

And while Ukippers brawl amongst themselves, it falls to the Green Party to set out a vision of real change for a sustainable, democratic forward-looking society. Brexit or no Brexit, Philip Griffiths is in danger of being left behind.

Will Patterson

Chairman, Wigan & Leigh Green Party


Deter – but don’t harm

As winter approaches, wild animals are more likely to seek warmth and shelter inside our homes. Some of these, such as rats and mice, are often viewed as unwelcome visitors. But please try to remember that these animals are just as liable to suffer as the cats and dogs with whom we choose to share our homes. These unwelcome guests should be humanely deterred from visiting – not subjected to the appalling cruelty of traps and poisons.

Animal Aid provides free information on how to stop these animals from taking up residence without harming them, and how to encourage them to leave if they have already arrived. To order our free Humane Deterrence factsheets, please email [email protected] or telephone 01732 364 546.

Isobel Hutchinson

Director, Animal Aid


Check for cancer signs

Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, there are reminders for women to check their breasts. But, as the campaign comes to an end, I urge your readers to remember that symptoms can occur at any time.

A third of women aren’t checking their breasts regularly, and a fifth say it’s because they don’t know how. The good news is, there is no ‘correct’ way. It’s about making sure you look at and feel your breasts regularly in a way that’s comfortable for you.

If anything isn’t normal for you, get it checked out with your GP. Reporting the symptoms early can lead to more effective treatment.

If you have any concerns, call Breast Cancer Care free on 0808 800 6000.

Emma Pennery

Clinical Director, Breast Cancer Care