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Booklet has convinced me

Friday, 15th April 2016, 4:00 pm
Updated Friday, 15th April 2016, 5:02 pm
A reader says the leaflet about the EU referendum has convinced him to vote out. See letter

I would like to take a few moments to congratulate David Cameron.

I am of course talking about the EU referendum booklet that was posted though my letterbox this week. I have read it and I have to say, well done. You have convinced me.

The booklet was full of information, mostly half truth propaganda designed to frighten us all into voting the way the Government wants us to. And can I say what good quality paper it was? That must have set you back a few quid.

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Oh! I’m sorry, I meant it must have set us back a few quid, £9m to be precise.

When I think of what could have been done with £9m, I seethe with rage at this junk mail that you have put through all our letterboxes, paid for with tax payers’ money that could have been spent on new schools, treatment for cancer patients, or support for the many homeless I see every week on our streets.

I stated that Cameron has convinced me. Indeed he has.

Convinced me that we cannot believe anything he says.

He bends the truth in this booklet to his advantage, just as he has done with his offshore money making.

Well, Mr Prime Minister, perhaps you should have funded these booklets from the money you saved dodging tax.

Think of the famous picture of Churchill sticking his two fingers up. That is exactly what I think of Cameron’s leaflet and his beloved EU.

Matthew Hobson

via email


We’re off on
a witch hunt

We pay our Prime Ministers a pittance – at least compared to CEOs of major companies and relative to many local government officials.

Fortunately, most of our Prime Ministers are well educated at good schools and universities – apparently to the annoyance of some. We expect them to be on top of every item on the national and international agenda, at all times.

We expect them to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 52 weeks of the year –indeed we complain and deem it newsworthy when they take a few days off with their family, in the sunshine over Easter.

It now seems as though we want a witch hunt when it emerges that one of them has taken advantage of a totally legal investment of £30,000.

Michael Dennis,

via email


Sheer greed

The sheer greed of the rich and famous, and the lengths they go to increase the size of their piles of money is shocking.

They are already getting the best of everything, with all rules and regulations being made to favour them, and still they are not satisfied.

The lower income people in this country are having to take smaller wage increases, work longer hours and lose more and more of our amenities to pay for this offshore banking.

Dave Croucher,

Address supplied


Be a TV star

We are currently producing a brand new format for E4 called Body Fixers and are looking for contributors. Much like Tattoo Fixers, we’ve opened up a special pop up salon. We’re looking for participants to visit and have their hair, beauty or cosmetic surgery problems fixed with a beauty treatment, hair redesign, non-surgical cosmetic surgery or full-makeover/under.

Anyone interested can email [email protected] or call 020 3040 6903.

James Alexander

Studio Lambert