Readers' letters - August 14

Television news shouldget its priorities right

Yet again, some of the TV news channels have got their priorities wrong.

The headlines which they considered the most important were that the Jolie-Pitt pair might be reconciled and some singer, who goes by the name of Taylor, is bringing a charge in court for an alleged ‘groping’ that took place four years ago.

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Relegated to lower down the list was the very dangerous situation of North Korea’s threat to fire a missile over to Guam and President Trump’s counter-threat if they attempt this.

The peaceful nations, and especially the UK, should concentrate all efforts to help avert these threats and let the personal problems of showbiz publicity-seekers be pushed where they belong – and that is bottom of the newslists.

Edna Levi

Address supplied

Host a picnic for Rainbow Trust

Now that the summer holidays are here, parents (and grandparents) everywhere are hunting out activities to keep the children occupied – me included!

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity has launched a fun, simple, summer activity called the Summertime Picnic. Host a picnic and ask friends and family to make a donation to Rainbow Trust. It can be a picnic in the garden, the park or even inside, weather depending.

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The Summertime Picnic is about enjoying quality time with your family. Rainbow Trust understands just how precious time can be as we support families who have a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness.

We match families with a family support worker who provides emotional and practical support amid the chaos of medicines, hospitals and endless appointments.

Rainbow Trust has a free online Picnic Pack, as well as ideas, recipes and games for a wonderful afternoon with friends and families. Visit to start planning yours. Thank you for your support.

Emma Haines

Rainbow Trust Director of Marketing and Fundraising

Oxo cube no longer a cube

The reduction in the size of the chocolate bar Toblerone created a lot of adverse publicity, but recently I discovered yet another sneaky method used by manufacturers to reduce the product volume and thus increase profits for themselves.

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This relates to the humble Oxo cube, which is no longer a cube, as it now sports a groove down four sides.

The groove, having a triangular cross section will, at a rough estimate, reduce the overall volume of the cube by around 10 per cent.

Considering the actual size of the cube and the new saving of product volume, this will make the manufacturer a tidy amount of extra profit and, of course, the product price to the customer will not have been reduced.

I rejected the notion of taking accurate measurements on the grounds that maybe I should get out more often!

Keith Wigglesworth