Readers' letters - August 2

Too many abortions

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016, 3:14 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd August 2016, 5:19 pm
Anti-abortion campaigners take part in a protest, see letter below

I recently read the dreadful statistic that over 8.5 million children had been legally aborted in the UK since the Abortion Act came into force some years ago.

No doubt this figure, released by a Government Statistical Department, is on the low side and the real truth is that it is probably well in excess of nine million.

These are innocent children who have been killed and denied a right to live out their lives just as we do.

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I feel pity for these women, potential mothers, who have unwittingly allowed themselves to being party to this shedding of innocent blood.

Unfortunately we are told 38 per cent of women who have previously had an abortion now use repeat abortions as a deadly form of birth control.

That apparently costs the NHS around £1m per week and although no figures are presently given for the number of such repeat abortions, the last statistic from 2013 listed 49 women in England and Wales as having at least eight previous abortions!

Whilst even those training to be doctors –who do not want to carry out these abortion procedures –are to be trained by their Royal College to perform them anyway “as they are more likely in future to want to develop these skills” (to kill babies).

Even more worrying is the recent development in the Royal College of Midwives, through their pro-abortion president Professor Kathy Warwick, who (besides being the chairman of the BPAS, the organisation that kills the most babies in the UK) now demands all legal protection for unborn children be scrapped.

The trauma women often experience after an abortion can be devastating. Studies have shown that 30 per cent have experienced mental health problems and a third have expressed regret. There is also a risk factor for later miscarriage, infection and infertility, whereas statistics have shown women carrying a first pregnancy to birth have protection against breast cancer. It is important all potential mothers are given the truth. Most doctor’s surgeries now have copies of the SPUC leaflet entitled Abortion: Your Right to Know, where pregnant patients can read about the scientific research stating the truth, rather than the half truths peddled by their opponents.

E J Tilley

via email


‘Killing this great game’

The semi final has gone 

It’s so frustrating to watch this Wigan side at the moment, nothing seems to be changing.

I understand about the squad injuries all season, but I digress. I, along with many others, just cannot understand the thinking with the rugby league (RFL) hierarchy in arranging our particular semi ground location.

I am aware that, based on the four semi-finalists teams – if the draw had paired Hull v Wakefield and Wigan v Warrington, the two venues chosen would have been very fair to both ties, but with the eventual ties, surely the RFL would have had other options?

Is it possible to obtain any clarification from the RFL as to its reasoning on this?

Also, as a club, does Wigan appear to just accept this and get on with it, or do they fight their corner?

I feel this scenario was unfair to Wigan supporters who had to get to Doncaster on a Friday.

If the semi had been played on a Saturday or Sunday, it would have helped. Why not?

Again can the RFL explain their decisions? They are killing this great game.

Les Finch

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