Readers' letters - August 21

Drunken louts made me feel ashamed to be British

Thursday, 24th August 2017, 6:50 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:29 pm

We have experienced drunken louts on some of our flights to Mallorca and we feel ashamed to be called British.

We see young people, mainly men, downing pints of beer in the airport as early as 5am.

Their attitude is “my holiday starts here”.

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Why is it that those who abuse the system end up making it difficult for everyone else, and then every Brit is tarred with the same brush?

Why do journalists write articles about this problem but never mention the issue of drinking in the airport before boarding the plane?

Surely the solution must be to ban the sale of alcohol in the airports and even on the plane itself?

We have seen reports on Spanish TV showing the disgusting scenes that take place in their resorts.

These British people also take up a lot of time and resources by needing hospital treatment in the countries they visit.

M Bonser

via email

Disgraceful situation

I do feel sorry for the many students who will now be conned into inappropriate, long, and expensive university courses.

They will get sparse tuition, a large debt, and limited prospects of a job at the end of it.

Successive governments have promoted university education as a way of keeping unemployment down.

University managers have embraced this as a way of creating highly paid jobs for themselves.

Young people have begun to see it as a rite of passage.

It is about time someone called time on this disgraceful situation.

Public funding to universities should reflect the number of students who successfully find a career in the subject studied, or something related to it, not the number of young people attracted by courses such as media studies, fine art etc.

Only a lucky and highly talented few will find a job in these oversubscribed disciplines, and the universities know it.

Paul Rouse

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Brits must get out more

The world calls the British its ugliest people, but why? What’s responsible for this? Is it genes? Climate? Diet? Lifestyle? Or dress?

As I look around at my countrymen and women, I see poor skin, bad teeth, unhealthy, rather miserable, looking people, all with poor dress sense.

People with no sparkle but grey skin and dull eyes.

They need to get out in the fresh air a lot more.

I lived in Western Australia for eight years. A recent survey rated them the best looking people. They spend a lot of time on beaches, swimming and surfing, they’re also sports mad.

Wake up Britain, you’re in a hell of a mess. Must get out more.

E Firth

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Action of a psychopath

I feel grouse shooting (and other blood sports) should be banned... as do 84 per cent of the British people. Killing sentient beings for fun is the action of a psychopath.

Margaret Ellis

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