Readers' letters - August 4

The right to judge?

Friday, 5th August 2016, 11:41 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:26 pm
A correspondent criticises Labour MPs, saying they have lost the plot. See letter

I write regarding the recent letters about abortion (WEP August 2 and 3).

I agree the figures quoted are far too high and is nothing for this country to be proud of, quite the reverse. I also believe the idea of using abortions as a form of birth control is wrong when we have so many other choices in our liberal society. And, of course, no medical professional should be forced or intimidated into being ‘pro-abortion’ in any way.

But unlike pro-choice or anti-abortion protesters, I see the issue as grey rather than black or white.

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To have a society which has no legal safeguards at all for unborn children in the later months seems rather disturbing to me, as does the idea of it being ‘so normal’ it becomes simply another – or even repeated – form of birth control.

Yet while I don’t like the phrase ‘a woman’s right to choose’ – simply because it sounds selfish to me – I do believe in the principle behind it. Firstly, if we banned it as some rigid anti-abortion campaigners want, we would still have abortions. It may be out of view but it would still happen, and this time it would be a definite danger to the woman. Secondly, women have abortions for many reasons, for example rape. How do we know how we would feel unless we were in the same situation as the woman who has an abortion? Anti-abortionists often appeal to religion to back their cause, but I think of it a different way. Jesus’ words: “Don’t judge others”. And I wonder, rather than believing in a ‘woman’s right to choose,’ maybe I am inclined to wonder if instead society doesn’t really have a ‘right to judge’?

Perhaps the answer to cutting the number of abortions, like Steven Moss suggests, is more education.


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Tales of male voice choirs

Hello, my name is Jeff Campbell and I have written a book titled Men of Song.

Could you please publish the details below in your ‘letters to the editor’ section?

The Men of Song is a history of British Male Voice Choirs and how and why this unique book was created.

In addition to charting the history of male voice choirs, it provides many amusing tales and unusual events that readers will enjoy.

All proceeds will go to a trust fund for our 11-year-old granddaughter, Skye Campbell, who has Down’s Syndrome.

The cost of the book, including postage and package, is £11.

Contact details: Jeff Campbell,

12 Fawns Close, Ermington, Ivybridge, Devon PL21 9NB. Call 01548 831559 or email [email protected]

Jeff Campbell



Jeremy turns down MPs

Labour MPs’ arrogance and self-interest show no bounds as they continue to sell out the members and Labour voters rather than take on those on the opposite bench and their vile policies. It’s being run like a posh boys’ debating society to defend the status quo.

They are so dysfunctional that Jeremy Kyle has turned them down for his show!

The MPs involved have lost the plot and made themselves look very silly.

They now have a stark but clear choice. Some may listen to members and get back in line, roll their sleeves up and do their jobs. Show loyalty and fight the Tories.

Or stand for immediate re-election and get a fresh mandate. Or resign so we can select Labour MPs to fight the Tories and their policies. Or defect to the Tories or UKIP?

Ged Dempsey

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