Readers' letters -August 7

No one deserves £200m for kicking a ball on a pitch

Thursday, 10th August 2017, 5:17 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:00 pm

I can only assume if someone earns £200m they must be super human and will be helping the world’s inhabitants on a daily basis.

Saving lives, healing the sick, protecting the rainforests and other important wildlife habitats, protecting endangered species, creating peace in the Middle East, ending world hunger, stopping all cruelty to animals and people...

Wow, what a person.

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I don’t know who this person is but they’re amazing to be able to do all that, and yes, they are worth £200m to make the world such a great place.

Oh, what was that?

You mean the person who is earning £200m a year is not doing any of that?

What on earth do they do then to earn such a vast sum of money?

Kick a ball? Oh.


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Brexit will be

a disaster

Brexit will be a disaster for the UK economy and for our quality of life.

The penalties far outweigh the benefits.

The Brexiteers campaigned that we would save £350m a week by leaving the EU.

This was a lie.

In fact the annual net payments in 2015 were £162m per week (£8.5bn).

What the Brexiteers did not tell us was that we would have to pay an exit charge of around £60bn.

So for the first seven years, we would not save any money at all, we would be paying more.

Leavers said they wanted “to take back control” but by invoking Article 50 we have “lost control”.

Fifty per cent of our exports go to the EU, only 10 per cent of the EU exports come to the UK.

So we will be in a weak bargaining position and we will be dependent on the 27 EU countries giving us an acceptable deal.

Take farming as an example.

We export 40 per cent of our lamb and 75 per cent of our wheat and barley to the EU.

If we fail to negotiate

an agreement with the EU, the World Trade Organisation will impose a 51 per cent tariff on lamb exports.

This will lead to an immediate collapse in the market.

Similar tariffs will be imposed in other sectors of our economy.

Now that we are aware of the harsh reality of Brexit, the public should be given the opportunity to have a second referendum based upon the true facts.

Mike Turner

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Crass attitude of tiger-eaters

I am totally opposed to the destruction of the tiger species which has provided the world with so much grace and beauty for countless aeons.

I cannot understand the attitude of rich Asians, especially in Laos, dining on tiger meat.

Just what kind of person would eat an endangered animal for the thrill of it?

It’s really hard to believe that this level of crassness exists.



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