Readers' letters - February 8

Keep Sunday a special day

Monday, 8th February 2016, 3:50 pm
Updated Monday, 8th February 2016, 4:54 pm
A trade union is appealing for Sunday trading laws to stay the same. See letter

Local shopworkers are very concerned about Government plans to devolve Sunday trading hours to councils and the effects that will have on family life, local shops and the community.

The change could lead to large shops opening for longer, even though they are already trading for up to 150 out of 
168 hours a week, so shopworkers will have even less time to spend with their families.

It won’t help small stores, who are already allowed to open whenever they like, and may put some of them out of business.

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It isn’t even clear who is actually calling for this change, with many retailers opposing it.

The Sunday Trading Act has worked well for over 20 years. Retailers can trade, customers can shop, staff can work, whilst Sunday remains a special day and shopworkers can spend some time with their family. We encourage readers to let their MP know what they think so their vote in Parliament reflects local views.

John Hannett

General Secretary, Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Usdaw)

Our country needs action

In 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron promised the English people that they would pay a lower rate of income tax because of all the devolution to Scotland.

To this day, the English Income Tax has not been introduced, and English citizens continue to be punitively taxed on their hard-earned income by a Government which is supposed to be reducing taxes. In cutting tax bills for English families, there should be a English Income Tax Rate of 10 per cent applying to all income above £15,500 to a maximum of £65,501. The middle income family is not rich and should not be expected to fund the Government’s unfair devolution to Scotland and David Cameron’s Foreign Aid spending sprees. England deserves action not talk from its Government.

Oliver Healey

Address supplied

Will EU exit be instant?

We are hearing and reading a lot about the EU referendum etc. When we get the vote, be it this year or next, and should the vote go for us to withdraw, will this be instant or will it take as long as we have waited to get vote?

Because at the end of his time as Prime Minister, David Cameron is only looking for next well paid job in the Euro Parliament etc. You can read them all better than any book.

Rodger Calvert via email

Search for heart heroes

I would like to invite your readers to nominate someone for a British Heart Foundation Heart Hero award.

The awards recognise the incredible efforts people make to fight heart disease. Ask yourself who has impressed you with their determination to make a difference. They might be someone who’s campaigning for better health services, a brilliant fundraiser or a heart patient who’s inspiring others by overcoming daily challenges.

If someone you know deserves an award, please nominate them online at

Simon Gillespie

Chief Executive, British Heart Foundation