Readers' letters - January 9

Where's the punishment for criminals these days?

Friday, 12th January 2018, 1:21 pm
Updated Friday, 12th January 2018, 2:25 pm
Should criminals have tougher punishments?

On Christmas night, I was stuck in front of the TV due to illness, and, with nothing better to do, I sat through four hours of Police Interceptors, Motorway Cops, you know, the usual police reality shows. That was eight (!) half-hour programmes.

The police chased and caught banned drivers, drink and drug drivers, motorists with no tax, driving licence, MOT or insurance, burglary and firearms culprits,

The police were verbally and physically assaulted.

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Only two of these criminals got a custodial sentence!

One for a measly three months, and another for a year, which in reality means he’d be out on the streets again in five months.

Oh yes, some did get jail sentences, but of course, they were ‘suspended’ sentences, so they didn’t go to prison.

What is the point of the police chasing, and risking life and limb to catch these idiotic couldn’t-care-less law-breakers, if the courts don’t back them up with severe punishment, ie JAIL!

The justice system in this country now is a complete joke and a farce, thanks to the left wing liberal elite, and is a direct result of 12 years of a Labour Government that forced political correctness on the country when in power.

God help this country if ever Corbyn, Abbott, McDonnell, and the smug Emily Thornberry get into Downing Street.

I honestly don’t know why the police don’t just give up when they see the ‘punishment’ these low-life thugs get after being caught and taken to court.

Disgusted Citizen

Address supplied

Awards should be revamped

Almost inevitably, following the publication of the list of recipients of honours in the annual New Year’s list, there is speculation and comment.

Critics appear most likely to criticise those whom they feel have not merited the reward.

Because of individuals’ political affinities, it is not surprising that awards given to politicians are the most commented on, often in an unfavourable light, hence the reaction to the knighthood awarded to Nick Clegg.

The objection seems to be a reaction against recipients honoured for simply doing their job.

However, an encounter prompted me to reflect more on the level of the award rather than the award itself.

I fell into a conversation with a carer visiting one of his clients.

He apologised that he was late coming to visit his charge since he was covering for a colleague who was ill, as well as visiting his own charges.

He then went to his seven- seater car, explaining it had to be so large as he cared for foster children as well as his own family.

If this overworked and deserving carer were ever to be honoured, it would almost certainly be at the level of a British Empire Medal, the lowest tier of awards.

My personal views on awards is that, if they have to exist at all, they should only be given to those who go well beyond the call of duty and not for simply doing their job, however efficiently that may be.

The truly deserving are those who voluntarily take on roles, such as the sports coaches and youth leaders who turn out, often in inclement weather, after their daily job is done to inspire others.

My awards would have no tiers of CBE, OBE, MBE ,


A single level of meritorious service should suffice to denote the gratitude of the public to everyone from the greatest to the most humble.

Keith Jowett

via email

Tectonic plates have shifted

For a supposedly savvy politician, Tony Blair’s attempts to undermine Brexit simply show that he has lost touch with political reality.

The tectonic plates have shifted.

The onus is now upon those who would remain in the EU to explain what that would look like.

To suppose we can just slip back into the EU as if nothing has happened is absurd.

The euro will not survive the next global downturn without the kind of political and economic integration that is anathema, not only to us but to many in the Eurozone.

Even if those reforms were achieved, they would lead to a two-tier Europe with the UK being marginalised.

So what are the Remainers offering us?

Do they know?

Have they even thought seriously about it?

If not, they are being irresponsible.

Thomas Jefferson

Address supplied

Should criminals have tougher punishments?