Readers' letters - July 2

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is under attack from his own party

Monday, 4th July 2016, 3:54 pm
Updated Monday, 4th July 2016, 5:57 pm
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is under attack from his own party

I am responding to the article headlined “Labour Leader Vote Looms” regarding the debacle concerning the parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and their opposition to the parties leader Jeremy Corbyn (Evening Post, June 29).

In September last year Mr Corbyn won a landslide victory to become party leader. Since then Labour has won every by-election, held on to most council seats in the local elections, against all the odds, and gained a Labour Mayor for London and Bristol.

Following the result of the EU referendum, the PLP, including most of the Shadow Cabinet, decided they have no confidence in their leader, in total contempt of the mandate he got from members.

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They attempted to blame Mr Corbyn for the referendum result and said he could not win a general election.

Wigan’s Lisa Nandy and Makerfield’s Yvonne Fovargue supported the coup and resigned their places in Shadow Cabinet.

The audacity of the PLP is unbelievable. They lost a general election in 2010, 2015 and an entire nation their Scottish heartlands down to just one meagre MP as well as losing out on London Mayor for the past eight years.

In the EU referendum, around 60 per cent of Wiganers voted leave. Did Wigan’s two MP’s who deliberately undermined their Leader do enough to persuade their constituents or are they out of touch ?

The fact is the PLP, both at Westminster and at Brussels, are attempting to scapegoat Mr Corbyn because they are going to be kicked off the EU gravy train and they don’t like it.

Their attempted coup is an utter disgrace and I support the call by Wigan’s RMT union for Lisa Nandy to resign her seat. This should apply to MP Yvonne Fovargue also.

At a time of national importance what do these out-of-touch PLP MP’s do ? Turn on their own Leader showing him complete public humiliation. The type of nasty behaviour you would expect from David Cameron and George Osborne.

Shame on them. Well done Andy Burnham for not joining in the attempted coup.

Michael Moulding

Ashton in Makerfield


We need a Sturgeon

I have just read the letter from UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall (Your Say, June 29), outlining his idea that we must move forward together and thanking his voters for ignoring the “Project Fear.”

What on earth does he mean when he states we must move forward together? Does he really understand that nearly half the country is excluded from his idea of together?

His party, together with Johnson, Gove and company, have told lie after lie to obtain this so-called mandate.

I wonder if Boris has read the maxim from the greatest propagandist of all time, Josef Goebbels, who together with Hitler managed to hoodwink 80 per cent of the German people: “If you give simple answers to complex questions and repeat them often enough, people believe them.”

It would seem that is what has happened here.

Oh for a politician in the mould of Nicola Sturgeon instead of the weak and so-called wonderful ones here.

Keith Swift

via email


Time to get on with life

Well, I am glad that’s over. Too soon to say if it was right or wrong, or if we will miss Mr Cameron or not.

Time to resume daily life. I just hope Mr Farage doesn’t take this a personal vote for him.

Betty Norton

via email