Readers' letters - July 21

Our health service is in danger of grinding to a halt

Friday, 21st July 2017, 5:07 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:15 pm

If the NHS didn’t have enough problems, it is now reported it is having to spend a record amount on treating obesity – more than £1bn a year. That is more than is spent on providing hip operations for the elderly.

It is said by obesity experts that sedentary lifestyles and excessive food consumption has given to a rise in lifestyle diseases which is putting the NHS under an intolerable strain.

What with fast food outlets at every corner and fish and chip shops in between, it is very difficult for a person to keep to a controlled diet every day of 2,000 calories.

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Exercise is essential if you are to keep slim and healthy, but with lifestyles so fast, people say they just do not have time to exercise regularly, so this problem will continue until legislation is brought in to control eating habits.

Drugs prescribed to treat diabetes has almost doubled in one decade, the figures show spending on such treatment, combined with that for weight loss drugs and indigestion remedies, has now topped £1bn – a 65 per cent rise in 10 years. By comparison, the NHS only spends £900m on hip operations and these are only offered to those with severe pain.

Recently obesity campaigners said couch-potato lifestyles were crippling the health service. More people are having gastric bands fitted by surgery for obesity and more people are asking their GPs for weight-reducing drugs.

It is now time to instruct councils to run more public health campaigns to monitor people’s weight and blood pressure. Every council must improve the population’s health or our NHS will grind to a halt.

John Wilmott

via email

People now

lack respect

The more I read the press and listen to the news, the more I fear for our beloved Britain.

There is a recent report in the media that an ex-Liberal leader, who was once jointly in charge of our Government, is advocating the destruction of democracy by proposing that we should have another Brexit referendum and

that all voters under 39 should get two votes.

Former leaders of a once great party, the Liberal party, like Gladstone, Asquith and, to a lesser extent, Churchill, would turn in their graves if they knew what the present day lot were up to.

Politics apart, this great nation of ours was brought up on morality and living by the laws of Nature, and it has stood us in good stead.

I am afraid today that the laws of Mother Nature have been “kicked into touch”.

I am sure that free-to-view pornography on the internet is leading to an increase in sexual crimes across the country and is readily available to our children.

Now we have vile abuse floating across the airwaves towards MPs and other people of note by people with chips on their shoulders who are not fit to be living in a civilised society.

The British used to be noted for respect towards their fellow men and good manners.

Where has it all gone?

John Watson

Address supplied

Go on the run

for Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is urging people who have secured a place in the Great North Run ballot to run for us and help raise much-needed funds.

Most places in the iconic race are offered by ballot, with successful applicants then deciding which of their favourite charities will receive their support. We want the lucky ballot winners to choose us. The money our runners raise will fund our vital work, and help us reach more of the 4.5 million people affected by diabetes.

All runners who join the Diabetes UK team will receive a branded vest, as well as a blue crazy wig, a fundraising pack, and tips to help with fundraising and training. You’ll also get support along the route, and an invitation to our post-event cool-down party. Call 0345 123 2399 or email [email protected]

Maria Whittaker

Diabetes UK, North West Regional Fundraiser