Readers' letters - July 5

Forces Day gives children the wrong idea of war

Friday, 6th July 2018, 6:52 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:51 pm
What do you think of Armed Forces Day? Do you agree with our correspondent that it promotes pro-war propaganda?

While celebrating British Armed Forces Day, town halls up and down the country are facing criticism for letting children play with guns.Many events at the weekend were intentionally glorifying violence and presenting kids with an unrealistic image of war.When the day was introduced in 2009, it was criticised as an attempt to rehabilitate armed conflict for the public.Many examples of small children being placed at the centre of Armed Forces Day advertising are out there.No other institution in Britain could get away with treating children this way.Armed Forces Day gives children the impression that war is exciting and uncomplicated.Young people have a right to make up their own minds about complex ethical issues as they grow up, not to be swamped with thinly veiled pro-war propaganda.Royston Jonesvia email

There’s no party for the people anymore

Well, we now know that, on Friday, we are not now leaving the EU as the majority of UK voters wanted, according to the Brexit ‘mark 3’ plan that advocates a compromise customs proposal. What I have to ask PM May is, what did the UK electorate vote for?It was either in or out, but it now appears to have been a useless piece of political manoeuvring to stay in the EU, no matter what the greater part of the people voted for.For if May does the dirty on the British electorate, there is no coming back for them.Labour would also vote against the majority of the people’s wishes, as they have said that they would back a customs union. Consequently another question has to be asked, have we a party for the people anymore? It appears not.It is apparently clear that the people are now left with no-one really representing their votes or wishes. In my imaginary world, I thought politicians were the servants of the people, but sadly now it appears to be the other way around.It should not really matter what our politicians want (they are the people’s servants and what a laugh that is), the people have spoken, but now I doubt people will ever trust politicians ever again after Friday’s decision. This may very well lead to anarchy in the future. The politicians should think very deeply about what they are doing and what the word democracy really means. For, in this country, it certainly does not mean what Lincoln is quoted as saying: “That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.Dr David HillCEOWorld Innovation Foundation

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Crack down on moped muggers

Just about every day we hear of another murder or violent crime being reported, this despite official figure claiming that crime is on the decline.One of the new perpetrators appears to be the so-called ‘moped muggers’, who blatantly rob jewellery and mobile phones off unsuspecting victims with impunity, because police appear afraid of over-reaction by elements of political correctness.This Conservative government is doing little to assure the citizens of this country that they are acting to resolve and indeed reverse the situation.The Manchester Police Force are, however, taking the lead on the matter and should be congratulated for their actions, as anyone who has seen the recent news video, in which they arrested two suspect ‘ moped muggers’ in their tracks, will agree. Well done to them.Now it is surely the duty of this government to ensure other police forces follow suit.Phil GriffithsBroadcaster and Commentator