Readers' letters - July 5

Police officers have been let down by the Government

Thursday, 6th July 2017, 6:12 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:33 am

Speaking as someone who served in the police from 1953 to 1984, I have to say I am appalled at the state of funding for the service these days.

The Conservatives were always ready to back us up.

In the late 1970s, Labour defied a Royal Commission proposal that the police should get a 22 per cent pay rise.

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The Labour government of the day imposed a £4.50 rise across the board.

Mrs Thatcher came to power and immediately we were granted the 
full 22 per cent amount.

We had sufficient staff to do the job and investigated all crimes from theft of milk to minor shop theft.

Country bobbies lived on their beats and knew everyone and were able to prevent crime by continuous contact with their residents.

During the Miners’ Strike, we were able to provide officers for duty at hot spots.

The rural area where I now live does not appear to have anyone to police the town, or at least we never see an officer patrolling.

I never thought I would have more faith in Labour but I am beginning to think that there are members of that party who would do more for our safety.

Peter Hyde

Address supplied

No place for a far left opposition

I never thought I would see Glastonbury hijacked as a political rally as Corbyn did.

There is no limit to the grubby level communists like Corbyn will stoop to brainwash the young and the moderates of the Labour party. Labour is against austerity, I get that. We are all fed up with it but please be aware that the current Labour party is so far left it has no place in Britain any more that the fascist far right has.

The British are a fair minded lot and stalwart in their British values. Corbyn is a communist who hates all establishments, including our monarchy, supports terrorist organisations, (but now denies this, even though tapes and video prove otherwise). Do you really want these sort of people running this country?

This country needs a good middle ground opposition to the Conservatives, so support those Labour MPs who oppose the far left and people like Corbyn who sack anybody who does not agree with him.

I, like many a few years ago, hoped that the Lib Dems would fill that gap but Clegg destroyed that dream and Farron and Vince Cable have wiped away the last traces of its middle ground in British politics with their stance on Brexit.

The anti-establishment and Corbyn have hijacked our Labour party and we need it back or an emergence of a new democratic centre party that supports business and the workers.


via email

Poverty not as bad as in old days

A recent conversation was trying to define poverty, a word we hear so often nowadays. One contribution was a family of seven who lived in a two-roomed house where the children slept on the floor with pillows of sorts. This happened in living memory in this country!

Now there are so many benefits available that such poverty should be non-existent.

There will always be some genuine poverty, but not as much as is portrayed. Food parcels will be claimed by the greedy, those too idle to cook low-cost meals and those who’d rather spend on fags, booze and electronic gear.

Benefits are there to help, not to provide a comfortable lifestyle.

David H Rhodes via email