Readers' letters - June 13

Only choice is to leave

Monday, 13th June 2016, 4:59 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 7:03 pm
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Many of us are getting very sick of hearing about the whole EU referendum debate, but it is too important a subject to ignore.

Would we be better or worse off if we left?

Well, it all depends on who one listens to and there are former chancellors on both sides of the debate.

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Personally, I prefer to stick to known facts.

Firstly, upon leaving, we would no longer be contributing to the EU fund. Our own elected Government could spend the money where it liked.

Secondly, there are no less than seven countries set to join the EU by 2018, or eight if one includes Turkey. All are on the other side of Europe and very poor by our standards.

Freedom of movement is a basic tenet of the EU, whatever our Government might think.

Some, no doubt, will be over here and fully prepared to work for peanuts, thus driving down the wages and working conditions of the British workforce.

This is already happening in some sectors.

Even the Government, it now seems, doesn’t know how many EU migrants there are.

To sum up, there is only one choice as I see it, which is to leave.

James Hewitt

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Why should I trust them?

Both Cameron and Johnson claim that either choice in the referendum will damage the economy.

They both claim that our freedoms depend on exit or stay.

Either choice will result in war or reduce the likelihood of war.

Nothing like scaring the electorate as a strategy.

Both are from the Tory Party. Think about that.

A party that tried to reduce ESA Benefit by £30 a week, that is planning to limit our freedom of speech and human rights.

They are attacking our labour (small “L”) rights.

They are refusing to reform the House Of Lords electoral system and are still, in some cases, guilty of expenses fiddling whilst attacking vulnerable people.

Both are from elitist, upper class backgrounds and have never wanted for anything. Why should I trust either of them?

As for their body language: that speaks volumes, just watch carefully.

R Kimble

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