Readers' letters - June 7

'˜Labour's the only party which cares about communities'

Friday, 8th June 2018, 6:41 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 11:29 am
Only Labour has pledged to tackle the spate of high street bank closures says a correspondent

I notice that the Royal Bank of Scotland has announced its intention to close a large number of branches nationwide. Labour shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has requested Government Chancellor Phillip Hammond to intervene in the public interest. The RBS – of which we the people are majority (71 per cent) shareholders, having rescued the bank from its greed-driven collapse – has recorded profits of £752m, yet still believes it owes us nothing! Job losses and cuts to services – and the abandonment of those who cannot use online banking – will do nothing to hinder the scheduled reprivatisation.How easily are the sins forgotten. Remember why the East Coast railway features in the news?Only Labour in its manifesto has pledged to tackle the spate of high street bank closures by insisting on complete transparency. Only Labour really cares about communities. Paul Burnsvia email

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Passengers need reliable serviceUnprecedented delays, confusion and cancellations have made life miserable in recent weeks for Northern passengers. Transport Focus warned about timetabling problems as long ago as last year. The rail industry responded by temporarily shortening timetable advance publication, but assured us that the problems are being dealt with.An inquiry into what has now happened is welcome – including an understanding of how, despite strong assurances to us and others, these welcome investments and potential improvements have gone sour. The actions of governments, Network Rail and train companies needs reviewing so that timetable planning can be put back on a proper long-term footing.Today’s passengers cannot wait for the inquiry and are looking for three things now: n stable timetables and reliable servicesn compensation for poor service, measured against the original timetable promised, not the slimmed down one now on offer n the whole rail industry to pull together to help passengers through this crisis. Lift ticket restrictions and help passengers, whichever train company they need to use.We are pushing to make these things happen on behalf of passengers and are continuing to help more passengers with their complaints to train companies.Anthony SmithTransport FocusLearners on motorwaysAllowing learner drivers to practise on motorways is something that many road users have long been asking for. It means that less-experienced drivers will learn how to use motorways and switch lanes safely before they get their licence.Our research shows that almost three-quarters (73 per cent) of drivers believe that motorway driving should be added to the test. While driving on the motorway still won’t officially be tested, allowing learner drivers to practise could be a significant step to improving the standard of driving in the UK.We encourage learners to keep calm when driving on motorways for the first time and pay close attention to the motorway rules and speed limits to ensure safety for all on UK roads.Amanda Stretton motoring editor

Teaching toilet lessons

Teachers are very busy trying to teach the kids. A job I wouldn’t want, thank you very much.But over a million hours are lost a year as teachers spend that precious time teaching the younger ones how to use the loo.There are kids that can’t go on their own so will need help, but what are parents doing sending them to school at four years old and they are not potty trained?Jayne Grayson Address supplied