Readers' letters - June 8

Join us in fighting for rights for health service workers

Friday, 8th June 2018, 6:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 11:29 am
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The public of Wigan should know what is going on in our local hospitals.Good working ancillary staff have been asked to transfer their contracts over to a private company run by WWL Health trust, named WWL solutions Ltd. This is privatisation through the back door, so savings can be achieved for the trust. The main blame lies with this Tory Government, who are at fault because of national funding cut-backs, but our ancillary staff should NOT be the ones to be forced to pay for the cuts All medical and non-medical staff should be in one NHS trust. So I am calling on the people of Wigan to join the rally and meet at The Believe Square, Wigan, tomorrow (Saturday, June 9) at noon where speakers will be fighting for our National Health workers’ rights. Coun George Davies Wigan Central ward May should stand up to US President

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Donald Trump’s decision to hit the European Union with tariffs on steel and aluminium imports is a dirty trick. President Trump is only interested in his own constituency – himself.Our Prime Minister, Theresa May, states that she is disappointed with Mr Trump’s decision to apply tariffs to EU steel and aluminium imports. This could have a grave impact on our steel industries in Britain.Over the past years, our steel industries have suffered and have had to make quite a number of people redundant. A few months ago, the future of our steel industries was starting to look brighter, but now Mr Trump’s decision could set us back again.This is the second time that Mr Trump has upset quite a number of people in the aeroplane industries. In Ireland, and also in parts of this country, we were making parts for American aeroplanes. But now he has taken them off us, causing more misery to some people of this country.I just wish our Prime Minister, Mrs May, would stand up to Mr Trump and cancel his visit to this country.John G WildieAddress supplied

Look at quality not gender

Re: All-women shortlists. Apparently, there will be all-women shortlists for some council elections next year. Surely this is sexist and patronising? I couldn’t care less if my local MP or councillor or Prime Minister was male, female, black, white, brown or any other label deemed appropriate.What if we leave the little tick-boxes aside and consider this and this only: are they the right candidate? It seems to me, whether male or female, we so rarely get politicians of a high quality. Now if only we had shortlists for politicians who will fight for the NHS, people’s mental and physical wellbeing, public transport and the countryside and aim to combat poverty, crime, and environmental destruction. If we had shortlists for politicians who were both compassionate and sensible, I would be all for it.Disillusioned female voterLove Island focus of UK’s attention Does the nation realise the most important matter under scrutiny at the moment is a happening called Love Island? Forget volcanoes, rail problems, even Brexit. On television every day, we are given news reports and chat shows concerning a group of self-centred, conceited men and women – swimsuit clad– discussing whether they suit each other and can manage to stay together for a year and win £50,000. If it wasn’t so funny, it would be sickening.At least it does prove we Brits have retained our sense of humour to help pay for such a farce!Edna Levivia email